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Posted by John Smith on July 12th, 2022

Playing is an essential activity for the development of children. After intense days of school, with extracurricular activities and homework, finding time for your fun is essential. Well into autumn, the days are shorter and colder and the children's leisure park has become a good alternative with the best family friendly restaurants Perth.

The Local Shack, as the reference children's leisure park, takes into account the particular needs of the smallest of the house. For this reason, we make modern facilities available to families, with large play structures.

In this area, you will find all the entertainment in the world. They can jump on mats, dive into the ball pool, run up and down, slide down slides, ride cars, make new friends or play a game of soccer or basketball with friends.

Fight boredom with an attractive plan such as a children's leisure park they will love.

Why go to restaurant with a children play area?

Parents know how difficult it can be to take their little ones to Perth kid restaurants. Unless a restaurant offers ways to keep children happy and entertained, it can be difficult for young customers to stay seated, and parents may not feel welcome.

If you are a restaurant owner who wants to attract more customers and increase sales, you can benefit from creating a family atmosphere. You also have many options to make your restaurant more kid-friendly, no matter the size of your budget or your building.

What is there in The Local Shack?

- Different games let you choose from various fun, pre-made sculpted soft foam products. Products include climbers, ramps, and tunnels so children can develop their motor skills while playing with their friends.

- Sculpted Soft Foam Play Areas: If you'd like a custom soft foam play area, we're ready to get to work. We'll create a unique play space designed specifically for your restaurant's theme, size, and budget. With our standout designs that spark imaginations, kids will remember your hillarys boat harbour restaurants and how different it is from everyone else.

- Small play areas: Even if your business doesn't have a lot of space, you can add a play area that kids love and parents appreciate. Our small play areas offer just as much fun as our large play structures and include slides, climbers, tunnels, and much more.

- Play Spaces for Toddlers: To include a play area designed for toddlers, check out our various accessories, activity panels, soft foam sculptures, and fun freestanding play systems made just for toddlers.

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