Who Needs EM 385 40 Hour Online Training?

Posted by oshaprosusa on July 13th, 2022

Every industry has challenges to meet with the workers being skilled enough to complete the necessary tasks. The completion of tasks effectively does not mean placing oneself in jeopardy. For instance, individuals who work in mines are subjected to numerous difficulties that a city-bred employee of an office cannot even begin to imagine. Yet such workers have to place themselves in danger to earn a decent living. This makes registering for safety training, preferably the MSHA new miner training online, imperative.

An aspirant mine worker must comply with the safety regulations and get the required training about handling the responsibilities. It helps to be aware of the acronym MSHA which is expanded as "Mine Safety and Health Administration." The training is an OSHA-like training meant specifically for mine workers, both inexperienced and experienced hands.

It is interesting to note that MSHA ensures the mines' safety and the miners' health. A mine is deemed to be a dangerous place for individuals without the necessary safety training. One can be trapped inside following a cave-in or have to encounter explosions or exposure to dust, chemicals, and electrical accidents.

Not all mines are similar, though. Miners need to obtain the proper training as well. One should be informed about MSHA Part 46 and MSHA Part 48, with the former listing all essential training and the related documentation. This training is mandatory for surface mine workers who may have to do shell dredging. Working in colloidal phosphate, gravel, surface stone or clay, and surface limestone mine makes it imperative to go through Part 46 too.

Part 48 provides essential advice about the submission and/or approval of training programs necessary for re-training the miners engaged in underground mines.

Who is required to take the training?

Apart from the miners actively engaged in mining, the supervisors or any other operator who has to be inside the mine at the same time would have to be trained effectively. Contractors, along with their employees who may be engaged in the operations within the mine, are asked to take the same training as well. Moreover, any construction worker exposed to the same hazards must be trained effectively.

The guideline explicitly mentions new miners. It is imperative to note that the same training should be given to:

  •  Inexperienced miners who have been newly hired
  •  Skilled and experienced miners who have been just hired to oversee or be an operator in the mine

There is no need to lose out on pay by taking time off from work to attend a training session. MSHA offers courses online that can be taken conveniently, even on weekends.

A contractor who bids for a government construction project and hopes to acquire it would have to complete the EM 385 40 hours online to be eligible to bid for the project.

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