The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best My Brand Tuque

Posted by custommadebeanies on May 25th, 2016

Beanies are quite popular and getting a unique beanie can be a challenge. It looks like someone out there has a similar beanie. So what can you do to get a unique beanie? For those with knitting skills, it’s easy, you just knit one.

But for those of us a little challenged in the crochet department, ordering a custom made beanie is the next best thing. With a custom beanie, you are sure no one else on the planet has a similar beanie. The design is yours and yours alone. You can even specify the kind of material you want on your custom made tuque.

Here’s a guide to getting my brand tuque that your friends won’t find anywhere. First, start by understanding the various beanie styles available so that you can choose your favorite one.

Brimless Beanie

Made famous by fraternities in America, the brimless beanie has logos on the skullcap. They are often made with six felt panels and come in two or more colors sewn together. Also, the skullcap may have a different fabric sewn together to fit snugly over the head.

You can make a custom order for a brimless beanie to feature your favorite colors, or even a logo to make it unique. The material is entirely your choice.

Brimmed Beanie

Blue collar workers like mechanics and welders often spot brimmed beanies. The beanies have a small brim and are perfect for blue collar work because baseball brims often prove obtrusive. The brim is a couple of inches deep and comes in various colors, styles and adornments. This makes brimmed beanies particularly customizable.

You can even get my brand beanie with prom if you like beanies with hats. Play around with the color configurations to get a unique brimmed beanie.

Folded Brim Beanies

If you like cuffing your beanie, then the folded brim beanie is perfect for you. It comes with a section cuffed off permanently. Several manufacturers, like Nike and NBA, have made a custom folded brim beanies line, and they are quite popular.

You can custom order your folded brim beanie and specify the color variation, material and even the length of the cuff to fit your individual style.

Now that you know the various beanie styles available, choose one or several that fit your taste. The good thing about custom ordering your beanie is that you can even combine different styles for a unique beanie. For instance, you can marry brimmed beanies with folded brim beanies to get a one of a kind beanie. It’s all up to your imagination and style, so go wild with your custom made tuque.

But of course, remember the beanie should be comfortable and functional if you want to wear it in any weather condition.

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