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Posted by Nichrome India Ltd on July 13th, 2022

Secondary packaging is an additional layer of packaging of products applied after the primary packaging to group a certain number of products into a cohesive SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). Secondary packaging is used by many businesses to contain, aggregate, pinpoint and protect the products within the primary packaging.

Secondary packaging may be in the form of either commercial packaging or consumer packaging. Secondary commercial packaging is rarely seen by the end-user and it is not designed to appeal to them. The materials for secondary commercial packaging tend to lack colours and graphics. Secondary consumer packaging is designed to appeal to consumers while still providing an additional protective layer for the product. This kind of packaging is designed to be attractive with colours and graphics that entice customers to make the purchase. 

When secondary packaging is done with apt branding and packaging design, it can act as the catalyst that clinches the sale of your product to the consumer over those of competitors sitting on market shelves beside yours.

Secondary packaging can add to the luxurious experience of using a product. It imbues sophistication to the packaging and adds the differentiating factor between a premium product and a mainstream one. For eg, a premium food product may have multiple layers of packaging that extend the experience of consuming it.

Secondary packaging may even be required to protect and secure the packaged product during shipping in addition to shielding the primary packaging from scuffs and scratches.

Another goal of secondary packaging is to provide tamper-proof packaging, to ensure that the primary product is not tampered with during transit. Secondary packaging helps the consumer ascertain if the primary product was damaged, contaminated or tampered with on its way to them.

Elements of Secondary Packaging

The secondary product packaging can be composed of many elements:

-       The box

-       Interior padding

-       Product assortment separators

-       Physical reinforcement to prevent transit damage

 The various elements of secondary packaging can have another level of branding to increase the product’s appeal and visibility on retail shelves.

 Benefits of Secondary Packaging 

  1. Ease of Transportation - When transporting large numbers of SKUs, it is important to have something to hold them together for practicality and convenience. The secondary packaging may be in the form of a bigger box/carton or a shrink-wrapped bundle of products that makes them easy to transport.
  2. Increased Convenience - Secondary packaging makes it easy for consumers who want to buy a bundle, assortment or batch of a certain product to handle and carry it conveniently.
  3. Improved Merchandizing - The secondary packaging of smaller items can be used to increase the aesthetic appeal of these products on market shelves.
  4. Value Proposition - Bundling an assortment of products into a single SKU can add to the value perceived by the consumer, leading to increased sales.
  5. Benefits for Ecommerce - The right secondary packaging can help Ecommerce companies prevent damage during shipping, improve brand recognition and enhance the customer experience. 

Secondary Packaging Solutions from Nichrome 

Nichrome is India’s top integrated packaging solutions supplier and one of the best packaging machine manufacturers with numerous secondary packaging solutions for a wide range of applications. Nichrome provides packaging solutions in India that are custom-made according to the customer’s requirements, space and budget. These are integrated with a primary packaging machine for an end-to-end solution.

Their secondary packaging solutions include: 

Automatic Pouch Stacking and Wrapping System

This is a high-speed stacking and wrapping system used in single and duplex machines that can pack and stack as per requirements. It consists of a conveyor, pouch orienter, pusher, and flow wrapping machine.

 HDPE Bag Filling System

This is a system that is controlled by PLCs and comes with an LCD touchscreen HMI that displays its status and is used to change settings. This system has an incredibly user-friendly design that allows for fast changeovers. It can pack in different bag sizes ranging from 500 to 5000 grams.

Cartoning Machine

Nichrome’s Horizontal Carton Packing Machine is significantly fast and efficient. This is a secondary packaging machine and carton box packing machine which has an output rate of 50-55 cartons per minute. It can handle a range of cartons: parallel tuck in, opposite tuck in, lock bottom and glued. 

Automatic Milk Pouch Crating System

This is a system that solves the issue of counting and filling pouches in crates in sync with high-speed primary packaging machines. This is a customizable system that can be designed according to the customer’s floor layout and the number of machines. It provides a complete end-of-the-line solution that encompasses everything from crate washing to cold storage. It helps to adhere to the quality and safety standards in addition to keeping count of pouches and crates. 


 Make the best use of space, and enhance efficiency and resource utilization with Nichrome’s bespoke automated secondary packaging solutions. Nichrome’s expertise as a case packer manufacturer in India has been developed over 4 decades in the business, with more than 7000 successful installations in over 45 countries across the globe. Nichrome is your first choice comprehensive end-to-end integrated packaging solutions provider.

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