Things to Consider Before Buying Gun Slips

Posted by JohnShooter on May 25th, 2016

Having bought a gun, its storage and protection become extremely critical. Unloaded guns must be carried in a cover or container. A gun slip, or carrying case, available at any gun shop or store, enables one to carry a shotgun or rifle safely in public or otherwise.

Gun slips are an essential accessory for storing and transporting guns, offering durability and a good degree of protection from the elements. They are available in a range of colors, designs and materials to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences.

The following things should be considered before buying gun slips:

1.    Padding and Gun Protection
Depending on the level of protection required, padding may be increased. Gun slips for rifles and shotguns have more padding inside for enhanced protection as compared to slips for clay shooters.

Gun slips also offer protection from moisture and impact. For wet weather, one should consider slips made from waterproof materials with a full zip to prevent the gun from getting wet. Whatever the material used, a soft thick lining like that of wool or foam ensures the best protection for the gun.

2.    Transportation and Storage Comfort
Foldable gun slips are designed for easy packing and transportation. Such canvas-unlined gun slips can be folded or rolled into a suitcase or car boot. They can even be clipped to a belt with a carabiner. On the other hand, sturdy-firm slips with memory padding offer better protection from impacts while traveling.

Guns slips may also be fitted with an adjustable padded shoulder strap, which may be detachable. Further, double padded carry handles with velcro, a reinforced muzzle end, and brass buckles on the flap help carry the weapon comfortably. They may have a hoop or hang hook to allow the slip to be hung-up during storage.

Slips may also feature a full-length lockable two-way zip to secure the gun. External pockets and zipped pouches help store miscellaneous items like cartridges, documents, shooting glasses, ear defenders, and chokes.

3.    Storage of Sight, Scope, and Silencer
Some slips have extra room at the top of the bag to accommodate the gun sight and scope. Special slips provide protection against impact to the receiver, barrel, and sight. If one plans to attach a silencer to the rifle, the correct length of the gun slip will ensure that the silencer does not have to be detached during trips.

4.    Size of Gun or Rifle
Gun slips come in different sizes to accommodate a wide range of guns and rifles. One should take into account the length of the firearm while purchasing a slip.

5.    Looks, Style and Slip Material
The most common materials for slips are canvas and leather. Some of these are water-resistant. Modern waterproof materials are becoming popular. The thicker the lining of the gun slip means more protection for the equipment. Unlined canvas slips tend to scratch the barrel and stock as canvas is stiff. Lined slips are better. Otherwise, a gun sock can prevent any damage from a stiff gun slip. One may even opt for industrial quality velour upholstery lining which keeps the rifle scratch, dust and grit free.

Apart from their functional value, slips also make a definitive style statement. Full grain leather gun slips are stylish, hard-wearing and durable. The long lasting natural leather develops character and improves with age and use. For customization, embossed initials or monograms on the slip assist in easy identification and add novelty.

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