What is a Good Way to Prevent Injuries for seniors in the Bathroom?

Posted by Mukund Khanna on July 15th, 2022

When we talk about injuries faced by the elderly, it is important to understand that most people over the age of 65 years are injured by accidental falls in the bathroom and toilet. That is why the most important and immediate aspect of providing elderly care needs to be finding a way to prevent such injuries by modifying the bathroom with the right safety precautions. 

There can be a lot of bath safety solutions you can install in your loved one’s home, right from accessible showers and tubs to toilet grab bars that will assist the elderly in their daily bathroom and toilet activities and provide a safe experience. 

Let us have a look at some of the best ways you can prevent injuries for the elderly in the bathroom:

  1. Toilet Grab bars - To prevent the risk of slipping while sitting down and standing up from the toilet, a toilet grab bar can prove to be very beneficial as it gives the person something to grab on to. If the elderly person suddenly loses balance, such toilet grab bars can come in handy as the person can quickly grab on to them.
  2. Barrier-free showers - Barrier-free showers make it easy for elders with wheelchairs and mobility challenges to enter the shower without having to worry about slipping and falling. These showers are designed without a raised entry so the elderly person can easily enter and bathe with complete independence and confidence.
  3. Accessible sinks and toilets - The height of the sinks and toilets plays a very important role in improving bathroom accessibility. This is why when you are looking for such bathroom modifications in Philadelphia, you can contact the Stair Ride Company for the right guidance and help to make bathrooms more accessible for the elderly.
  4. Non-slip flooring - Bathroom flooring that maintains traction even when it’s wet will greatly reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Having a non-slip flooring in that bathroom will give the elderly that extra level of confidence and comfort while carrying out their bathroom activities.
  5. Raised bathing seat - One of the important aspects in elderly care is to ensure that they are not overexerted while bathing or taking a shower, as it can increase the risk of injuries. This is where a raised bathing seat will be useful as they can comfortably sit and enjoy their shower.
  6. Night lights - By installing night lights in the bathroom and in the walkway from the bedroom to the bathroom you can be sure that the elderly get proper visibility while going for and accessing the bathroom at night so that the risk of falls and injuries is reduced.

You should consider getting in touch with the professionals for bathroom modifications in Philadelphia and also who provide all types of home safety products for the elderly.

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