How to create an IDO launchpad with BSCPAD Clone Script

Posted by Mike Sandru on July 15th, 2022

Decentralized launchpad platforms have made it easier to get started, many new crypto tokens will be released in the crypto world. Many cryptopreneurs use different launchpad services to get their ticket out to a wide range of users worldwide.

These Launchpads help the token get out into the crypto world and become more popular, which raises the demand for and value of the ticket. BSCPad is a decentralized IDO-based platform that lets users stake BSCPad tokens and get new tickets into their wallets.

A Brief Look at BSCPad

BSCPad is a decentralized IDO platform built on the Binance intelligent chain. It helps crypto projects raise money and give tokens to crypto users based on their BSCPad stake value. The platforms provide the tokens to their users in two rounds, and it's first come, first served. The platform helps new crypto projects join the crypto world by making tokens more liquid. The BSCPad allows people new to crypto to find their place in the world quickly.

The user must stake the BSCPad token in any of the seven levels, from bronze (staking 1,000 BSCPad) to blue diamond (staking 1,000,000 BSCPad) (75000 BSCPad staking). After betting the required number of BSCPad tokens and finishing the other tasks, the permits will give to the users under the banner of the specific crypto token project. Even after the allocation round, the blue diamond user will get the token based on who gets there first.

Are you thinking about how to start a decentralized platform like BSCPad? Suffescom, the world's leader in developing decentralized platforms, can help you make your idea a reality.

How to make a start page like BSCPad?

Suffescom is the best company for making Launchpads, and it gives you two ways to make your Launchpad like BSCPad. Option 1: Build a BSCPad-like app from scratch. Option 2: Use a script to create a BSCPad-like app.

The code for BSCPad Clone

BSCPad Clone Script is a bug-free, multi-tested IDO launchpad ready to sell and can be used to make a decentralized IDO launchpad like BSCPad. It offers end-to-end IDO launchpad features and multi-tier staking to increase liquidity and give tokens to crypto users. The BSC Launchpad Clone Script can work on several different blockchain networks.

Live chat with a representative now about Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Solano, Cardano, Tron, and other cryptocurrencies. Suffescom offers a multi-functional BSC launchpad script that lets users distribute tokens and raise money for their cryptocurrency projects.

BSCPad Clone is a copy of BSCPad in terms of how it works. It makes it easy to start a decentralized IDO platform like BSCPad. BSCPad Clone is a white-label platform that lets you present the best token launchpad platform to crypto users worldwide. It can be completely changed to fit your business needs. As a top-notch provider of white label crypto solutions, Suffescom offers our ambitious clients worldwide a first-rate White label Launchpad Platform.

How BSCPad Clone Script Works

The experts at Suffescom have made a copy of the BSCPad with the best features on the market.

Multi-chain compatibility: Our experts will make your BSCPad clone compatible with more than one chain, which will bring in a lot of users.

Multiple Wallets: The BSC launchpad script is made so that users can sign up and use the platform with more than one wallet.

Multi-Tier Staking: The platform has a "multi-tier staking" feature that lets users stake their coins in different ways, depending on how much money they have.

Liquidity: Our experts made the IDO platform with an automated liquidity pool that helps investors make money.

KYC Verification is an integral part of running a platform reliably, and this is what makes people want to use it.

BSCPad, like Launchpad Development from Scratch

After a complete analysis of the market trend and your business needs, our blockchain developers move on to the development phase. Use our industry knowledge to start your launchpad platform that works like BSCpad.

The experts at Suffescom follow the steps below to create a launchpad like BSCPad.

Step 1: Writing white paper

Step 2: Make an interface design

Step 3: Putting smart contracts into code

Step 4: Wallet Integration

Step 5: Creating launchpad features

Step 6: Testing and bug fixing.

Step 7: Put the code on the client's server.

Putting together a white paper

Plan your framework with Suffescom to display the functionalities of your launch pad that are created.

When the platform is built, a white paper describes how the platform is used and its features. This paper was then sent to everyone in the world.

Developing UI design

The interface design is the first implication of the user who accompanies into the platform developing an attractive user interface\swill attract the users to launch their crypto projects on your BSCPad clone platform.

Coding of smart contracts

After the advancement of UI, the agreements are prepared to facilitate the operations and functions on the platform\swithout the use of any third-person admin. These smart contracts are the leading cause for the process on the\sChat live with an\sagent now!

Decentralized platform.

Wallet Integration

Multiple wallets are incorporated with the platform to help out the users to take part in the projects initiated on the\splatform. Multiple wallet assistance is used to lure many users to the platform.

Launchpad features Development

The features to be mentioned on the platform are coded to bring global users to the platform as per their business requirements, and all the features are developed to the advantage of both the users and admin.


Once the framework is designed and through the sequential flow of testing, all the glitches and issues are eliminated

Why Choose Suffescom for BSCPad Clone Development?

Suffescom is the leader in Launchpad development in the United States. They will build world-class launchpad projects for clients all over the world on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, and other popular blockchain networks. With the help of Suffescom's experts, you can launch your well-thought-out copy of BSCPad on the popular blockchain network with many features.

Suffescom also offers BSCPad clone development on different blockchain networks based on what your business needs. Our blockchain experts are highly motivated. Talk to our experts and plan out your Launchpad platform for the future with all the features and functions you need. When you launch our BSCPad clone, it will help your business grow and help you reach the top of the crypto world.

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