Dentist Appointments: Looking for a Cosmetic Change

Posted by Mesa Dental on July 15th, 2022

There are so many questions coming to head when you take a dentist appointment for a cosmetic change. If you have stained, chipped, or damaged teeth, cosmetic dentistry is the field that helps you enhance your smile. You must find an experienced dentist for this treatment and make sure that the communication between you and your doctor is very much clear. If you are not aware of what will happen during your first appointment with your dentist, the details here will help you stay prepared.

With the help of cosmetic dentistry, you can improve your smile. A dentist has a strong hold on multiple dental procedures and helps you get your desired smile by applying the best dental care approaches. The first dentist appointment is very important, so a few details will clear your all doubts regarding how to get the best dental care. 

A complete evaluation of your dental health:

When you consult a dentist for a cosmetic change, you want to talk more about the smile design procedure with your dentist. The first meeting will be all about this. A dentist will check aesthetic and conventional evaluation to offer the best support. While the conventional part takes care of the physical examination of gums, teeth, and bites, the aesthetic evaluation is subjective.

Preview of proposed changes:

A cosmetic dentist will provide you with a better idea by offering a preview of the proposed changes. It can be done through computer imaging where patients can experience how the new smile design will look on them. Patients can always change their decision after seeing the preview. For offering better knowledge, a dentist also designs a model of the mouth and mock-ups made of resin or wax. 


A patient can opt for the temporary restoration which is more known as the trial period before the final restoration. It will help patients understand how the final restoration will look and feel. It will also provide a clear understanding of how the new design affects their speech and gum. It will help patients suggest adjustments to make the final restoration work more successful. So, when you go for the dentist appointment, you must keep these things in mind.

When you first take a dentist appointment, you must be prepared with the important procedures that your dentist will perform, including:

  • X-ray for understanding the tooth structure
  • An oral cancer exam
  • Examination of patient’s bite
  • A complete checking for decay carries, and damage
  • A head and neck examination

These are the things that you can expect on a dental clinic visit. For a cosmetic change, a clear understanding is necessary. Mesa Dental offers you a friendly environment where you can consult with your dentist freely. They are the trusted cosmetic and implant dentist who will meet your every request very well. 

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