What is a Sun Gear in a Transmission?

Posted by SMD Gearbox on July 15th, 2022

            The Sun Gear is used in a Planetary Transmission. This Planetary Gearbox are used where the application requires larger torque and efficiency and durability. The Planetary Gear system are also known as epicyclic Gear systems. Planetary Gearbox are smaller than other types of Gearbox thus they are used in application where there is a space constraint like automobile industry.

The Planetary Gear system consists of three different types of Gears Sun Gears, Planet Gears and Ring Gears. The Sun Gear is at the centre which sends torque to planet Gears, Planet Gears revolves around Sun Gear and lock with outer Ring gear. Here, the Sun Gear acts as a main interface as it distributes the load to the planetary Gears. This is highly effective design and efficient design for power transmission. This Planetary Gears are usually discriminated through compound and Simple gears wherein Simple gears has only one Planet Gear, Sun Gear and ring or carrier. In Compound Gears has one or two Planet Gear, Sun Gear and ring or carrier.

The Sun Gear is the Main Component in Planetary Gearbox, The name planetary Gearbox is derived itself by the fact that how in its gear system the different gears moves together like a solar system. This Sun and Planet Gear system should be correctly meshed as when buying a planetary Gearbox the client considers all the factors such as Torque, ratio, noise level, corrosion level etc. Even when a planetary Gearbox is precisely build there is always a rolling surface and sliding inside thus a lubrication should be used for cooling and vibration.

SMD planetary Gearbox are self lubricated, easy to install and designed to be used with various Servomotors. The design of long shaft is suitable to driven by rack and simplify the mechanism. This Planetary Reducer is used in the variety of Applications like conveyors, Pumps, Sugar mill, Boiler equipment, Agriculture industry, Robotics Industry etc.

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