Feeling Alone in the Crowd

Posted by mehul on July 15th, 2022

Being surrounded by people, including friends and family, but still feeling alone is not a great feeling. This feeling can further manifest into many a myriad of issues and problems. But you are not alone. Almost 33% of people around the world deal with loneliness.  

Why do you feel alone and what can be done to tackle or manage this?

To find an answer to this, here are some tips from Trending Minds, the top mental healthcare centre in Pune.  

Before discovering the answer to why one feels lonely even when surrounded by people, one needs to understand why they feel the way they do. It is mainly because you’re dealing with a void within you, a void that you're consciously unaware of. It is the mind dealing with a subconscious event, a trauma, a belief, that could be anything that scares you and this doesn’t allow you to feel whole and complete.

Now a lot of people may deny the same but one needs to understand that our energetic state is composed of our thought patterns and beliefs. So, essentially what happens is that as an individual grows, they develop, our subconscious gathers and processes all the information from its surroundings and formulates our reality.

So, how do you tackle loneliness?

Practice Self-love – Yes, everybody says that they love themselves but do they really do? We are harder on ourselves when compared to the amount of credit, love, and empathy we give ourselves. What needs to be done is to celebrate our little achievements, avoid hurtful self-talk, take it slow, and give ourselves a break because no one is perfect, perfection is something we aspire to achieve.

Be in the Present – Be in the here and now. Yes, we may be physically present in the moment but are we mentally present? Or is the mind wandering off into yesterday or is it over worrying about tomorrow? Being mindfully aware of our present, and taking in everything from our environment gives a sense of awareness, lets us see opportunities, and helps us with a sense of appreciation. It’s easier said than done so practising the art of being in the present needs to be a daily routine. 

Self-compassion – Do not beat yourself too hard for your failures. Acknowledge them and know that out of failure comes success. Do not feel guilty or put down, instead learn from your mistakes and shortcomings and work on your strengths. 

Autonomy – Know that you are the one accountable for the way you feel and no one else. The final decision is yours, whether you want to continue to feel like an outcast and beaten down or whether you want to get back up on your feet, be resilient, deal with what’s coming to you, and successfully overcome it. 

The sense of feeling alone is very common, especially in this 21st century with so much digitisation and virtualisation in our lives. You aren’t alone and you don’t have to deal with this alone. Talk to mental health experts like the therapists at Tending Minds. We can help you with the best therapy for depression and loneliness. Make an appointment today and take the first step towards feeling better. 

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