Qatar World Cup: Fiorentina’s game against the Qatar Football World Cup team grows questions

Posted by World Wide Tickets And Hospitality on July 15th, 2022

Qatar World Cup: Fiorentina’s game against the Qatar Football World Cup team grows questions

Fiorentina football club have restructured their preseason-friendly timetable, and the most amazing fixture is a draw against the Qatar World Cup team that will take place on Wednesday, 3 August 2022, at the Untersberg-Arena in Grodig, Austria. While friendlies between club squads and national sides are rare in and of themselves, they always have a certain 1920s vibe to me this one adds coats of doubt to the field.

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I’m talking, of course, about Qatar’s human rights record. There’s a 5300-word Wikipedia entry titled Qatar FIFA World Cup debates, which is never a good signal, and it covers the multitude of issues with the tiny nation hosting possibly the globe’s largest honourable event. The Kafala system of labour, which allows imported workers into the state, has been defined as essential slavery by Human Rights Watch,

Amnesty Global, and other humanitarian administrations. This is a system that has seen over 6500 migrant labours die in Qatar since 2011, according to the Guardian last year, although only 37 have been formally linked to Football World Cup stadium construction, despite claims that the number is much, much higher. Most of those who don’t die are cleared into a legal limbo needing them to work odd hours with no assistance and low pay.

Qatar doesn’t award women anything impending legal rights, forcing them to rely on male caretakers for permission to marry, travel, follow higher education or make decisions about their children, according to the Guardian. Too, queer people face legal and social insight in the nation. Homosexuality is bookable by the death penalty, although there are no archives of it being enforced 3-7 years of prison seems to be the most shared sentence, according to the ILGA’s 2019 report.

These are among the motives that Watford supporters protested a friendly between their team and the Qatar FIFA World Cup side, leading to its withdrawal 2 weeks ago. The Qatari federation noted that they had proposals from numerous European club sides for friendlies. It’s now clear that Fiorentina was one of those squads, and the Maroons have accepted the proposal. The query here is why Viola would have any attention in involving themselves in this.

After the uproar among groups and the club brass following a fan’s assault on club reporter Greta Beccaglia last season, you’d think that supporting a nation that classifies against women would be antithetical to this organization. Let’s also recall that Florence is a famously pro-queer city throughout history and is one of the least backwards cities in Italy in that detail. With admiration to the Qatari national team, it does not carry millions of followers into the equation.

It’s unlikely that Fiorentina will meaningfully grow its fan base or global footprint with this move; if anything, this sort of decision might do the opposite. The only benefit I can imagine is an economic one, as Qatar is an excellently wealthy state and likely willing to pay a huge sum to any club willing to give them a game. While the coming season will see Fiorentina opposing on three fronts and will thus require significant assets this summer.

This club still has plenty of money from the sales of Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic to spend a bit more, and the coming fees for Bartlomiej Dragowski and possibly Nikola Milinkovic should add further funds. Taking money from such a difficult source that an English Championship team wanted no part of it is, at best, painful and undignified. For more to know about Football World Cup Tickets click here.

Jose Eshkenazi Smeke said Qatar Football World Cup open a new door for tourism

The skilled Jose Eshkenazi Smeke analyse the impressions of the Qatar World Cup in the holiday trade area. Travel is combined as one of the bases for the economic development of cities. The real estate crisis in the office sector has changed the vision of the primary administrators of the cities in terms of creating the best surroundings for tourism growth.

The consequences in terms of safety in Mexico City allow that the North American World Cup is the occasion to promote the tourism industry in Mexico to a new level through sports marketing Sporting events have proven active in capturing economic activity in the world's major cities, stressed sports marketing expert Jose Eshkenazi Smeke.

In general, in this budget, with signs of growth and withering in various sectors, the live entertainment industry is on the rise. The normal price of entertainment events is growing. Since hygienic restrictions have been reduced in different countries, the number of performing events that occur during 2022 has been growing. Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami Mexico City, and New York, among others, have lasting tour concerts.

Certainly, we see an optimistic change mainly in the Formula One events. Adding Miami and Vegas as sites for these events shows a relevant change. Vegas, with the entrance to the NFL and Formula ONE, and Miami expanding its range of events, show the strength that sports tourism mixes with the growth of cities. With the Qatar World Cup, Doha is a pole of charm that, together with Dubai, will further place this area of ​​the planet as a tourist last stop.

For example, they have unlocked more than 50 daily flights between Doha and Dubai during the Football World Cup festivity. In this intelligence, sports marketing takes a development towards the placing of cities, observing the expert Jose Eshkenazi Smeke. The facts are in line with what Eshkenazi Smeke pointed out.

The Qatar General Civil Aviation Authority imagines the arrival of some 34 million travellers at its airports in 2022, and the number of guests during November and December FIFA World Cup could likely reach 8.9 million. The North American World Cup group authorities have several lessons that must be measured. The US and Mexico are becoming increasingly combined as tourist powers.

And for Mexico, it is the chance to put CDMX on the tourism map at the level of Cancun. New efforts in terms of public safety in reducing the frequency of crime raise the possibility of positively expanding the impact of the Football World Cup on the image of CDMX. The results in terms of security in Mexico City allow, if this trend continues, that the North American World Cup is the occasion to promote the travel industry in Mexico.

Who is Jose Eshkenazi Smeke?

Jose Eshkenazi is one of the top Spanish-speaking sports advertising experts. General Director of football media solutions, an important live entertainment segment corporation, has recently entered the digital advertising universe with media, a leading platform for free music downloads. Soccer Media Solutions is the leading company in virtual advertising in Latam. Soccer Media Solutions has courses in Latin America USA and other nations.

The Football World Cup 2022 is scheduled to be the 22nd in a sequence of FIFA cooperation, the quadrennial international men's football contest contested by the senior national sides of the member associations of FIFA. It is arranged to take place in Qatar from 21 Nov to 18 Dec 2022. This will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Arab world, and the second mega football event held entirely in Asia after the 2002 tournament in South Korea and Japan.

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