Types of Lapel Badges Attachments

Posted by capitalbadges on May 25th, 2016

Adding lapel badges to suits can be a cost effective and easy way of customizing attires to personal styles. A lapel badge is also referred to as a suit pin and is designed in such a way as not to distract but rather to subtly add an air of dapper to what ought to be an already stylish and fitting suit. There is a fine line between novelty clutter and an understated enhancement with regard to accessorizing a suit. When correctly worn, a lapel badge will ensure that you receive enough compliments. This article discusses the different types of lapel badge attachments.

Before discussing its design and purpose, you need to know what a lapel and a lapel pin is in the first place. The lapel is the edged side of your suit jacket that is right below the collar and is folded back on the front side near your chest. The lapel pin is usually a small pin that is attached to your lapel and is usually decorative with no specific purpose; however, in some cases lapels indicate the person’s affiliation to some specific cause or organization. The pin can be embroidered or made from other materials. For more designs, you can go online and check the different lapel embroidered badges for sale

The lapel come in different sizes and shapes and is fastened in different ways onto your jacket. The backside is as important as the front. This is because the back side can be customized to be more unique. Some examples of popular attachments include:

  1. Magnetic Clasp: This is self-explanatory and is one that uses two small magnetics at the backside of the pin and its corresponding attachment in order to have the pin held in place. This is not one of the most effective ways of securing the pin in position however; it ensures that no holes are formed on your suit lapel

  2. Butterfly/Military Clutch: This type of clutch is commonly used in pins of smaller sizes. The back side is sharp pointed and upon squeezing the pin, the clutch is released.

  3. Nut and Screw: This is not as popular as the two discussed however, it is one of the most secure type of pins. The point of the pin is threaded in such a way as to hold the nut screws firmly in place.

  4. Stick Pin: This type of attachment is the most common used in lapel badges and usually creates the vintage look that is sought after by most people. The stick pin comes with a thin needle as well as a thin collar which easily slides up and down to relies or secure the pin.

So there you have it, the types of lapel badges. You can buy the one that you feel most comfortable in from an online embroidered badges UK store. You can also choose the color, shape and size that best suits your suit.

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