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Posted by lakeroadadvisors on May 25th, 2016

Most of us would fall into the common category of people who are earning a fixed monthly income that is taxable. While we try to evaluate some plans which our friends or relatives would have shared with us, we definitely would have enough of queries for which the financial expert service is needed. For example, can you answer “What is the difference between ETF’s and mutual funds?” question without having to surf on the internet? While we all may be aware of the fact that mutual funds are most commonly chosen for tax saving purpose, we may not have the knowledge that we invest with the company that in turn invests in the stocks that are available in the market. Here, we do not have the complete freedom to choose the stock that we are confident about. We should rely on the mutual fund company for letting us realize the benefits.

When it comes to the ETF’s different financial experts have defined it in a different way, some explain them as the Exchange trade funds that are index tracked while some call them as the indexed fund for the reason that they are index tracked. Well what is index tracking? The return and price movements of an index are matched as is aligned with the portfolio that is assembled in a way to have close relationships with the movements. However, people do have concerns as the ETF’s are the latest whereas the mutual funds are the old concept.

While the clarifications like which ETF’s to choose, the amount of investment to be made, the time period for which you should hold the ETF’s would be clarified by the experts, this alone would not suffice for you to come to a conclusion with regard to your investments. You may even want to do some savings for the purpose of planning better education for your children. How much required monthly into a 529 to afford college? This is the common question that would be taking most of your valuable time. Well, if you do not know the numbers that would best fit into the plan then you could consult the financial experts. They would have worked out on different numbers and have the answers handy with them either in their database or on the printed papers.

While most of the people will have common questions, you may have some specific questions on 529 plan. Even these specific questions would be well answered by the financial experts thus helping you drive the life boat in an easy way without having to worry about the future. Apart from the amount to be invested in 529 plan, the experts would also guide you when it comes to the decision of declaring the investments or the returns for the tax assessments. Of course, they also support you when you have paid out the returns for the highly qualified education for your children. After combining all the inputs provided to you, hope you now could plan a better financial investment buckets for your future.

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