Application Advantages of RFID Access Control System In Clothing Retail Industry

Posted by Bob Smith on July 19th, 2022

At present, a large number of clothing retailers in the market use bar code technology to manage store goods, and the problem of low management efficiency has not been solved. With the development of informatization, more and more brands apply RFID technology, such as Wal Mart, Decathlon, Nike, Hailan home and other familiar brands, which began to use RFID technology earlier, and successfully solved some pain points in the footwear and clothing industry after practical application.

RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which has better environmental applicability and durability, good penetration, and supports mass identification of labels. It is more and more widely used in the modern clothing retail industry, which can help retail stores open a new innovative marketing model and make store sales more intelligent, refined and featured. Through the RFID application in store inventory, receiving, finding, ordering, shopping guide and other links, improve the efficiency of store work and management, and optimize the allocation of goods.

In the operation and management of retail stores, anti-theft system is a crucial link. The application of RFID intelligent anti-theft system can not only effectively prevent fraudulent returns in stores, reduce theft in fitting rooms, and provide accurate loss data.

Oprfid technologies has more than 10 years of technical application experience in the field of UHF RFID technology. Combined with our technical advantages, we have specially designed a series of RFID intelligent anti-theft access control systems, which are mainly divided into RFID vertical access control systems and RFID intelligent top mounted access control systems according to different installation methods. RFID vertical access control system supports epcc1g2 (iso18000-6c) protocol, supports server mode to realize multi-channel control function, and internally integrates high gain antenna group, fast reader writer and control module based on impinjr2000. It has fast tag reading performance and excellent read-write area control ability, and provides standard RS232 or RJ45 interface, which is convenient to connect to the software platform.

RFID intelligent top mounted access control system is a series of high-performance RFID intelligent top mounted access control terminals. It supports the iso18000-6c protocol, the working frequency band supports the national standard 920mhz ~ 925mhz, FCC 902mhz ~ 928mhz, the output power is optional from 0dbm to 30dBm, and the built-in 14dbi phased circular polarization antenna has the characteristics of accurate positioning, automatic recognition of moving direction, non inductive triggering, long recognition distance, strong multi label recognition ability, strong anti-interference ability, good scalability, convenient installation and use, and can be widely used in clothing retailers, personnel access management Fixed assets, intelligent warehousing management, vehicle management and other fields.

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