What Is The Difference Between CAD and SolidWorks?

Posted by Promedia system on July 19th, 2022

Which program is preferable in 2022—AutoCAD or SolidWorks? Is there a definite winner in this contest? To find out the answers, read this comprehensive AutoCAD vs. SolidWorks comparison.

Dassault Systems owns Solidworks and Promedia systems is a Solidworks reseller in the UAE, whilst Autodesk owns AutoCAD. Autodesk is a well-known brand in the CAD industry, while Dassault Systems is less well-known. However, among the software offerings from Dassault Systems, Solidworks appears to be the brightest star.

Short Insight

Solidworks and AutoCAD are comparable tools. Solidworks specializes in creating complex 3D models and simulations, while AutoCAD is better suited for general-purpose 2D and 3D drafting.

Because it depends on your needs, there is no way to declare one of these is better than the other. It is unfair to compare Solidworks and AutoCAD side by side. AutoCAD is the hands-down winner if you're searching for generic drafting software that can handle a wide range of needs across many sectors.

Choose Solidworks if you need a CAD/CAM program to design machine parts in 3D and model their motion and physics, if your choice is SolidWorks, Promedia systems is a SolidWorks software Reseller in UAE. Remember that AutoCAD, not Inventor from Autodesk, is the topic of this article. Click here for an apples-to-apples comparison between Inventor and Solidworks.

Comprehensive considerations

UI and Tools, first (Comparing 3D Modeling Only)

Solidworks wins.

Using the traditional AutoCAD user interface, AutoCAD can model complex elements in three dimensions. AutoCAD features a considerable number of commands. Instead of repeatedly clicking toolbars at the border of the screen, they can be typed as keyboard shortcuts, maintaining the mouse cursor where the action is intended.

There are many tools in Solidworks as well, but you should anticipate doing more button-clicking. With a little creativity, AutoCAD should be able to model almost anything in three dimensions. However, Solidworks offers a lot of capabilities that are tailored specifically for modelers of machines and parts. It is software that is very inventive and comprehends the requirements of product developers and machinists. Because of this, Solidworks is the category winner without a doubt.

2D drafting

AutoCAD has won. Solidworks is not designed to be used for drawing things like floor plans, sections, and details, though it may be able to do so. Draftsmen in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, and construction just wouldn't need 90% of what Solidworks is made for.


A "deliverable" is the completed intellectual work, as the name implies. What other way can we put it? Your initial motivation for making these 3D models is the "deliverable." If you're a professional, your "deliverable" is any intellectual property that you create using this software.

Your delivery, for instance, would be an STL file if your objective was to create a part for a 3D printer. A set of drawings that a builder utilizes to construct the house would be your deliverable if you were creating house plans. Your deliverable, if you're using a water-jet cutter, is a DWG file that the cutter may utilize to create cuts.

File for 3D printing (STL, which stands for stereolithography)

For this delivery, Solidworks is more specialized, however, AutoCAD can also create an STL. An STL is an STL at the end of the day. Depending on how accurately it was modeled, it could or might not be able to print what you desire.

Even further, you can assemble an engine and watch it run in a 3D simulation with all the components moving as they are intended to. AutoCAD lacks these wonderful relationship tools and can only combine 3D objects.

Sets of Printable Sheets In most cases, the machinist or contractor who constructs what you have painstakingly developed won't be pulling it up on the software. He will require a set of drawings that expresses all the information in great detail.

Once more, AutoCAD has the ability to display parts and assemblies as sheet sets. However, Solidworks has certain features and functions that make it possible to express machine assembly on printed pages more effectively than AutoCAD. The "explode line" tool is one of the coolest of them.

When you assemble your model, dashed lines that indicate where the recently removed element went will appear as you disassemble it. An image illustrating which item goes where is the final deliverable.

Again, AutoCAD is incapable of performing any 3D simulations. Solidworks can mimic fluid dynamics, mechanical function, and even how the machines you're modeling affect the surroundings.


Viewing Apps

Winner for Viewing Apps: Ties (but a Viewing App makes more sense for Solidworks, in my opinion).

While the software itself is expensive (very expensive...), both businesses have created free apps that allow users to examine drawings and models without making any changes. This is very advantageous for Solidworks.

Unless you have the data organized on sheets beforehand, AutoCAD drawings are typically difficult for a client to grasp. You only need a PDF for these types of designs, not a viewing app. The deliverable in the case of Solidworks, however, might be a 3D image or a simulation you can show your client. You may also construct an interactive model with Solidworks.

For instance, you can utilize the viewer to demonstrate the drawers and doors opening if you've modeled some kitchen cabinets. You can demonstrate an engine running if you model it. Instead of only viewing a photo of the 3D model from various perspectives, you can also orbit around the exploding 3D image.

In conclusion, it is impossible to compare AutoCAD and Solidworks using software that is parallel to each other. It should be between Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor that is actually being compared. AutoCAD is the winner for general drafting needs for 2D and 3D concepts of all kinds.

The tool of choice for creating complex equipment or other 3D objects is Solidworks, if this was your choice from the get-go, contact Promedia systems, a reliable SolidWorks Software reseller in UAE. Think about your needs and long-term objectives. Please take into consideration some of our "last comments" if you plan to make a career out of drafting. Make sure you don't waste time or money studying or purchasing software that isn't appropriate for your needs.

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