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Posted by etoroe on July 19th, 2022

The Seeker gathers righteous hate from brothels, courtrooms, and the street for Satan. Biblical end times get changed from what many expect by the power of hate - following the rules of prophecy.

Some twists from what the devout may tend to believe will make you wonder how much of this tale is pure fiction and how much may have already come to pass. The Second Coming may not be what you expected. The Seeker has become more than mortal but less than a demon. His special powers enable him to gather pure righteous hate to be used in hell's battle with heaven. His search for potential apprentices takes him to brothels, courtrooms, and desolate streets. The end times long foretold by Biblical prophecy begin to take hold of characters and events in ways that the Seeker cannot understand. He desperately tries to find help to make changes to what he fears will happen. His efforts put him in direct conflict with Satan himself, and the apocalyptic actions that are being followed as dictated by prophecy.

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