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Posted by John Carter on July 20th, 2022

Photographic artwork gives birth to creative imagery, challenging your ability to combine different shapes, colors, and forms in ways that you might have not otherwise foreseen. In doing this, you're capturing moments and forming them into a new image that you can show off as an art form! Experimenting with both color and composition outdoors can give your works of art interesting undertones that are worth exploring and truly highlight the importance of understanding your core creativity.

Types of Creative Product Photography


Creative Product Photography involves a variety of needs for each product. Just as your e-commerce store might have vastly different products and services to offer, the same applies to photography. For example, some photos will be shown on websites while others may be promoted in advertising or magazines. In addition, there are photos that are needed both online and offline advertising such as in brochures and newspapers where the photo will serve as an image memory of what was being sold.

1. Individual shots. 


As you know, it's necessary for all fashion-related products to be photographed. You can take good shots with the help of a DSLR, but this is too expensive for most people from an amateur level. The best option available today is a point n' shoot camera. They are compact and require no additional equipment like tripods or flash units to achieve quality images. They come with programmable modes that allow ease in shooting and make it very easy for anyone to use them. As these cameras are less complex as opposed to DSLRs, they are a much cheaper and more practical choice than the latter.

2. Group shots.


Group shots are pictures that showcase more than one product together. Unlike a single image on its own, group shots give customers a better idea of what your brand has to offer in terms of collection and variety. These types of images are perfect for social media posts and advertisements as they show just how wide your offering is at first glance and quickly pique the interest of anyone who happens to stumble across your branded content.

3. Lifestyle shots.


Taking product lifestyle images is definitely a great thing to do. It helps sell your products because the consumer has a better idea of what they look like and how they function in real-life scenarios. The images make them feel as if they're actually using them, which helps drive sales through the roof! Not only that, but they also make really awesome Facebook cover photos and other social media posts that can help spread awareness about your brand too!

4. Scale shots.


A common issue people have with shopping online is not being able to tell the exact size of an item. While product descriptions may list the dimensions of an item, product photos can be deceiving.

Product images can be deceiving; even if a product description lists dimensions of an item like the height, width, and depth. But by providing scale shots of your products that include the measurements in comparison to other items, customers are able to get a better idea of how that product will fit in their everyday lives.

5. Detailed shots.


Size is everything. When it comes to products with small intricacies, it's a good idea to try and capture their scale in your photos by taking a series of shots from different angles and then putting them together for an overall larger shot such as these by Ivory. In many cases, smaller products will require a macro lens or other hardware in order to give them a wider range from which to take multiple detailed shots from all sides.

6. Packaging shots.


Everyone creates the first impression. Even before you get into the "meat" of the project and once the new client is evaluating your proposal to build their website, if your initial packaging isn’t up to par then they might pass on your services. Don’t let this happen; work with an experienced web design firm whose creative designers know how to create unique and memorable branding that will set you apart from your competitors

Final Words


For those who are just getting started, there's a lot you can do in terms of increasing the quality of your product photography with relatively little effort. With a few timely upgrades followed by some smart strategic decisions, you'll see results quickly and be well on your way to building up an account that provides users with fantastic photos they love - which also means that they're buying more than they otherwise would have.

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