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Posted by Aaron S Siegle on July 20th, 2022

Popfax is a website that offers service across 23 countries. Their plans start at .99/month. They offer various features and seems to be extremely good for businesses. They also offer a Free trial. They have many services like send only faxes, sending and receiving faxes, faxmailing, mobile fax etc. This might be a goof option that you can use for international faxes. When you check their website, you will be able to see that there are a lot of options that you can check out. The site can be a little confusing so you might want to spend sometime navigating for your requirement.

Fax Service With 60 Days Free Trial
Srfax is fax mobile app that offers paid faxing but with a 60 day free trial. They have 3 plans but only 2 have the trial offer. The basic plan includes a 25 pages limit monthly for .39/month. This however, doesnt have a trial period. The other two plans which are .95/month for 200 pages and .95/month for 500 pages have both a 60-day trial period. They also have business plans that start at .95/month

There are many more services that you will find. But these are some of the services that we felt offer good services. You will find more or less similar services across the other websites too. You can consider the above services as representative of the general services that are found across the industry.

Added Benefits of Skype on TV
One benefit that Skype-on-TV offers is that it will give you a notification of a call when your TV is switched on and then you can choose to answer the call or decline it. When your TV is switched off, there is an option to set it to automatically keep Skype running when it is in standby and incoming calls will be sent to voicemail or you can forward it to any phone. But for that you will have to enable that feature. The same feature is available for the Blu-Ray players.

Well, you must have all figured out the pros and cons of this service by now. The good thing about Skype-on TV is that it allows you to call anyone. As long as as person has a Skype account, you can call them. But this is a very long way to get a free calling service. There are many calling services that offer great rates and even free calling. Besides, there is Google Hangouts that allow multiple video conferencing and Skype itself which is free to download on your laptops or desktops (no TV yet though – are you listening Google?).

While this feature is Snazzy and pretty attractive, it is better suited for business than for personal usage. In this age and generation where mobility is extremely important, Skype-On-TV kind of reduces this mobility. Nonetheless, for people who wouldn’t mind spending some extra bucks, this feature is definitely a good add-on.

So, all the people with a craze for Skype, go on and get Skype-ing, but now on TV.

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