Different types of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Posted by Poshadvo on July 20th, 2022

  • Sexual threats and abuses
  •  Telephone calls with sexual overtones
  •  Persisting and unwelcome flirting
  • Relentless proposal for physical intimacy beginning with subtle hints which may lead to overt requests for dates/sexual intercourse
  •  Sexual propositioning
  •  Lewd gossips and rumour creating hostile work environment at workplace
  • Continuous idle chatter of sexual nature and graphic sexual description
  • Derogatory/double meaning comments
  • Sexual innuendoes or taunting
  •  Sexual Remarks
  •  Inquiries or comments about an individual’s sex life, relationship with sexual partner, sexual practices etc.
  •  Sharing Sexual jokes
  • Comments of sexual nature about looks, weight, body shape, size or figure, dress, appearance
  • Staged whispers or mimicking of sexual nature about the way a person walks, talks, sits etc
  •  Repeated unwanted social invitation for drinks, dinner, movies

Non-verbal sexual harassment

Gestures and non-verbal behaviour do not involve physical contact. Some gestures are intended only to get the attention of the victim, while others are intended to provoke a reaction from the receiver. Listed below are examples of unacceptable gestures and non-verbal behaviour that may constitute sexual harassment.

  • Showing  pornographic or sexually explicit movies or slides
  •  Sexual exposure of one’s body parts
  • Sending personal or inappropriate messages/videos/pictures over email, SMS or any forms of social media
  •  Writing letters/notes/stickies etc. with sexual content or inappropriate messages at the workplace
  •  Indulging in sexual graffities on walls, restrooms, desks
  • Display of pornographic or other offensive, derogatory, sexually explicit pictures, photographs, magazines, cartoons, drawing, symbols and other materials.
  • Stalking – both physical stalking and digital stalking
  •  Taking inappropriate videos/pics without consent
  • Sexual looks such as staring, leering, ogling with suggestive overtones
  •  Sounds such as whistling, kissing sounds etc
  • Lewd gestures such as hand or sign language to denote sexual activity

Physical Sexual Harassment

  • Attempted or actual kissing or fondling
  •  Physical assaults
  •  Coerced sexual intercourse
  • Any physical touch that is inappropriate such as patting, pinching, stroking or brushing up against the body
  • Hugging,
  • Cornering
  •  Invading personal space
  • Attempted rape or rape, gangrape

Quid pro quo sexual harassment

When employment decisions are taken by people in authority or power based on acceptance or rejection of sexual favours is quid pro quo sexual harassment.

The key elements of quid pro quo sexual harassment are

1) demand for sexual favours (subtle/implied or explicit)

 2) the threat of adverse job consequences if the demand is refused Some examples:

  • Promotion or Stall of promotion
  • Nominating for rewards and recognition or stalling of the same
  •  Showering lots of gifts or punishing
  • Rise or reduction in rank/responsibilities/authority > Offering or removal of employment benefits like onsite travel
  • Making the job easy or tough
  • Hiring or firing based on acceptance or rejection of demand for sexual favour (either subtle/implied or explicit)
  •  Salary hikes or stall of hike

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