The Best White Paint Colors

Posted by Cate Griffing on July 20th, 2022

There are hundreds of different white paint colors to choose from. I know that seems crazy because white is white, right? Wrong! White paint colors have much more to them than you think. 

There are warm, cool, and neutral whites. This also includes all the off whites as well.

It can certainly get overwhelming when you are looking for a white paint color and you are trying to choose from so many. Luckily I'm here to give you my top 3 white paint colors. These paint colors are ones that are tried and true. 


Chantilly Lace is one of Benjamin Moore's most popular paint colors. It's a designer favorite so you know its' a good color. The reason Chantilly Lace is so well loved is that it is pretty close to a true white. What's that mean? It means it doesn't have any strong tones to it, warm or cool. And for that reason, it makes it easy to use Chantilly lace because it works well with almost every paint color. 


Pure White is also a very popular white paint color. It's on Sherwin Williams's top 50 paint colors list. Pure White is different than Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is very clean and crisp whereas Pure White has a tiny bit of gray to it, making it not really a true white and not as crisp. 


White Dove is another very popular Benjamin Moore Paint Color. This one is different from Chantilly Lace and Pure White in that it is a warm white paint color. When I say warm that means it has a bit of yellow in it and that provides the color with the warmth. Now it doesn't look yellow at all. It looks more like a very light cream color. But it's a very slight creaminess. I personally have White Dove in my master bedroom and there are times the creaminess comes through but there are other times when it looks like a beautiful neutral white. 

My main advice when you are looking to choose a white paint color is to determine what tone you are looking for, warm, cool or neutral. The best what to determine this is by looking around the room you are using the white paint in. What are the tones of your furniture, fixed elements, and decor? If you have all warm tones throughout the space, you will want to go for a white with a slightly warm tone. This will make the room cohesive. 

Don't get overwhelmed by trying to choose from 10 paint colors. Pick no more than 3 and go from there. The fewer options the easier the decision.  

Finally, I think the 3 paint colors I shared are an excellent starting point to exploring the world of white paint colors.

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