What are the Differences Between a 3-Star and 4-Star Hotel?

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Hotels are an imperative constituent of the tourism product. And they donate to the complete tourism experience over the values of facilities and services presented by them. In this article, some differences between a 3-star and a 4-star hotel.


Most of us distinguish that more stars in a hotel mean that it is a healthier hotel. Though, there are no worldwide values to determine the star positions of hotels. There are several rating systems that are considered and used by several government bodies, travel administrations, and travel websites.

Nevertheless, most of these scores are comparable, despite a few small alterations. The main modification between 3-star and 4-star hotels is that 3-star hotels generally don’t have suites while 4-star hotels in Shimla, or wherever you live, have both rooms and suites. Below, I’m going to share some differences between a 3-star and a 4-star hotel.

What is a 3-Star Hotel?

3-star hotels are above normal quality hotels. Cosiness and service are precedence’s in these hotels. They are definitely promoted than 1-star and 2-star hotels and offer more expansive rooms with good quality services. They will also have several room choices and adjustable room service.

Most accommodations will have more equipment such as sofas, dressing tables, table, chairs, etc. Many 3-star hotels have on-site cafeterias, pools, fitness centres, and stylish lobbies.

What is a 4-Star Hotel?

4-star hotels provide more extravagance than 3-star hotels and deliver high-quality service and cosiness. 4-star hotels are sophisticated and classy and are recognized for their upscale spaces. They also offer fine dining, bars, swimming pools, living room, spas, gyms, fitness centres, helper services, general business amenities, several restaurants, and valet car parks.

Difference Between 3-Star and 4 Star Hotels

Luxury and Comfort

  • 3-star hotels are more contented than 1-star and 2-star hotels.

  • 4-star hotels are extravagance hotels.

Room Options

  • 3-star hotels offer a diversity of room options.

  • 4-star hotels offer a diversity of room as well as suite choices.

Room Service

  • 3-star hotels may not have a 24-hour room facility.

  • 4-star hotels have 24-hour room provision.


These are some differences between 3-star and 4-star hotels. You can find one of the well-known 4-star hotels in Shimla, or elsewhere, for relaxing after doing all activities.

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The author is associated with one of the best 4-star hotels in Shimla that is endowed with all modern amenities and comfort. With a banquet hall to accommodate up to 500 pax, the hotel is a perfect venue for conferences and weddings in Shimla.

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