What is Digital Marketing and how they beat traditional marketing

Posted by John on July 20th, 2022

Digital marketing has been one of the trending topics in marketing for the past few years and will be the main channel for marketing in the coming years. Every business wants to adopt digital marketing, hire digital marketing professionals and increase ROI through digital marketing. Today digital marketing agencies' importance is increased because of people's social media engagement. So digital marketing opportunities are also increased. 

Many professionals from sales, IT and other domains are turning to digital marketing as a career!

Let's understand in detail what is digital marketing!

Digital Marketing Definition:

Digital marketing is a form of marketing products or services through electronic media or the Internet!
Before going deep into digital marketing, let's understand the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing!

(Traditional marketing includes newspaper ads, magazine ads, and billboard ads)

Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing!

Precise Targeting: Precisely targeted audience including age, gender, interest, topics, keywords, websites, city and zip code. Digital marketing allows advertisers to target. It is very precise compared to traditional media where it is difficult to target based on the above parameters audience.

Real-time optimization:  With digital marketing, we can optimize (make changes) to our advertising campaigns in real-time, which means that if the strategy is not working, we can immediately switch to another strategy, whereas in the traditional marketing method, once our ad is released, you cannot make changes to it.

Measurable:  Digital marketing is measurable, how many users our ads reached, how many people clicked on our ads, how many people converted from our ad, how much time people spend on our website, how many pages are visited on the website, time to conversion, etc. are impossible to measure in traditional media.

Build engagement:  Digital marketing helps brands engage with their customers and it helps them interact with users in real-time through social media. Brands can stay connected with consumers in real-time and engage with their brand communication throughout their business journey.

Personalized Communication:  One of the best benefits of digital marketing is that you can personalize the communication with each user digital, which helps advertisers to effectively communicate with their audience, understand their needs and deliver key messages to individual users, which further helps in achieving brand goals.

Cost-effective:  Digital marketing is cost-effective, you only pay for clicks or you are not triggered for advertising. You can start advertising digital with any budget, which helps advertisers to test their marketing campaign on digital and further define their marketing strategy. You can reach a wider audience compared to traditional media with a minimal budget, helping to reduce your overall marketing costs.

High ROI: Digital marketing has a high ROI as compared to traditional media because the targeting is precise, which helps to reduce showing ads to irrelevant users that help you achieve your business goal. With digital, you can track users who clicked on your ad and convert across different brands.

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