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Learning how to be funny and improving your sense of humor can make your entire life much more enjoyable. Life can be entertaining if you know how to let it become such.

Back to History

One of the world’s most famous comedy icons, Charlie Chaplin, remarked that “History is only another reason to be funny”. Humor at the right time can make people remember you for the rest of their lives.

Think about yourself as a composer of comedy for the rest of your life, in which you have more than just the words to offer. You must know how to find those words which will get the most laughs.

What is better than finding a comedian, than being one. Being a comedian has to be the highest calling a man could have. Comedians are in demand by every company. When you are famous as a comedian, you must be able to help the next comedian that comes along. Being a comedian can change your life.

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand” – Mark Twain

Charlie Chaplin was quite a comedic genius. A newspaper wrote in 1910 that Charlie Chaplin had a new star on his hands. A reporter said, “Mr. Chaplin has a taste for joking about his work, which for some reason is missing in the careers of other comedians.”

Charlie Chaplin is known as the most famous comedian of all time.

Why sense of humor is important?

Positive and negative emotions are there for a reason. Being able to laugh at life’s situations will make your life very interesting and fun. If you have a good sense of humor, then you have the power to relieve negative emotions such as stress and depression.

This also makes you a better person. Humor can help you be a better person and socialize with others. Just remember that everything that happens in your life will have some humor in it. Look for things that can bring about laughter. Be thankful for everything that happens.

Use humor in life

Humor is the greatest defense against pain and sorrow.

Astonishing studies prove that funny people are much less likely to feel sadness and pain than people who do not have a sense of humor. Researchers show that many of these people are on medication for their mental health issues. Humor helps people who are depressed to cope with these negative emotions and bring a bit of light into their lives.

Have a sense of humor

Not all people have the courage to express their feelings and seek help. This is because they do not know how to laugh at themselves. A study was conducted that concluded that humor helps people to cope with depression, even when it comes from death. The humor is in the positive outlook and thought processes.

Bipolar disorder is a horrible illness and many people suffer from it. The disorder can make people feel empty and find it hard to cope with life and its challenges. Laughter and joy are the keys to recovery and happiness.

What is humor?

Happiness is one of the most beautiful things to experience in life. When you are in a good mood and are happy with life, then that is when you should make an effort to look for things that will make you laugh.

You can laugh at anything.

Laughter can be infectious. Most laughter has to do with humor and pain.

For example, say a relative makes a humorous comment about your ancestors. When you hear that, you immediately feel a bit better. It is funny. But, then you may start laughing even harder when you remember something funny your family member has said.

“I’m not worth the breath that I am making.” – Emily Dickinson

I will never forget the time I was around this one individual, who always made me laugh. I enjoyed his company.

You can earn as well with humor

There is no special qualification or training required to become a comedian. But, you need to have a sense of humor. Find things that make you laugh. Laugh about anything. You do not need to be funny, but you do need to find things that will make you laugh. Once you can laugh at yourself and your problems, then you will be closer to becoming a comedian.

You can laugh at situations and situations that make you happy. There is a lot to laugh about. People make fun of you. You laugh at yourself. We can laugh at the office. We can laugh when we are stuck in traffic. Laughter is the best medicine. It is good to have a sense of humor in life. It helps us to cope with many problems and many challenges that we face in life.

When we have a sense of humor, then we feel happy and positive. Part of being happy is to make others happy too. Being humorous helps you to make others happy. Do not try to take a humorous approach to a serious topic. This will not make you laugh. You should make jokes about the things that will make others laugh.

“I did not laugh because I had too much, but because I had too little.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

What to do with Humor?

You may not be able to change someone’s personality. But you can do something to try and help. For example, when your boss is not getting along with another employee. Help them get along. Or when you are walking down the street. Help people, you pass to move as well. That way, people will move as well.

You can be funny as well and try and make someone laugh. You can find ways to help. Find ways to make people laugh, or make them smile. Try and make people happy.

No one will remember what you said. They will remember the way you made them feel. When you make them laugh or smile, it is contagious. It will spread from person to person.

Ways to improve a sense of humor

1. You have to laugh at yourself a lot: When you laugh at your jokes, you’ll quickly develop a sense of humor.

2. Be a good listener: The best way to improve your sense of humor is by hearing jokes. Listen to a bunch of funny people and try to understand what they’re laughing at.

3. Don’t watch reality TV: This is true for a few reasons: first, you’ll never learn anything about reality. Second, reality television will make you into a pathetic person.

You need to be a storyteller.

4. Learn to fake it: Learn to fake it when you’re being funny so you can laugh without feeling embarrassed.

5. Always take a moment to reflect: Taking a moment to reflect can make you into a much more fun person. This does not mean that you should laugh every time someone does something.

6. Learn from the greats: Before you get to any of the great comedians, you’ll need to learn from the greats:

Learn from Frank Sinatra

Watch Bill Murray

Learn from Eddie Murphy

Learn from Steve Martin

Learn from Monty Python

7. When in doubt, say what you mean: When in doubt, say what you mean. You have to be clear in what you want the audience to get. This is the only way to avoid giving the wrong impression.

8. Smile when you tell a joke: If you look like you are laughing when you’re not, people will notice.

9. Keep a straight face when you’re in a serious role: When you’re in a serious role, it is important to be straight-faced. People will quickly notice this and think that you are a person not to be taken seriously.

10. Do not force your jokes: Too many comedians try too hard and they stop being funny after some time. You have to be relaxed when you tell a joke.

If you feel uneasy while telling a joke, this may be because you’re worried about how it will be received. If you feel that the jokes you are telling are boring, just drop them.

11. Do not say things that you will regret

12. Don’t Overdo It & Be Careful Not To Offend Others: Knowing your audience is a key point to making them laugh. You can go overboard with your humor and end up offending or upsetting an audience that doesn’t want to hear it. Try to read and judge how others are reacting to your humor. If you have people falling out of their seats it’s probably a safe bet that you can continue telling jokes. On the other hand, if they have been quiet for a long time or seem offended it is probably better to switch to a different topic, one which you think will relate better to them

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