Identify some of the Alternative programs to PCP

Posted by David Harbour on July 21st, 2022

Alternative programs to PCP

Although parental care and education programs have leaped a lot, there is need to embrace a wide range of alternatives which could bring the problem to an end. The programs would be best targeted to ensure that the impact of harassments are deal with so that people can lead a normal life. Programs to reducing exposure would include; improved surveillance on the part of the government to ensure justice is served and very stiff measures enacted. In addition, racial discrimination should be made a story of the past (Polucci, 2001). All citizens should be given equal opportunities which will make the African-American have equal access to resources and education thus become empowered and overcome harassment. Programs targeting the aged, like having homes for them would be more efficient to ensure they are taken care of and are not left alone for perpetrators to take advantage. In addition, special schools for those living with disability and giving them equal access to resources should be key. Children programs, especially throughschools would be important to reducing the risk. Since, this programs would be useful in reducing the risk, it is important to note that there will still be a margin of exposure (Putnam, 2003). Therefore, there should be necessary programs put in place to deal with exposure cases. From the analysis and the identified impacts, it is important to have counselling sessions for exposed persons to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress. It is also important to have home based programs to educate people of ways todealing with home violence. Acceptance programs as well as relationships would be important to help people deal with confusion that may arise, and to be able to accept themselves.

The alternatives are achievable at low cost and have future implications of dealing with the social issue completely. Though some like racial discrimination programs may be hard to achieve, they can be implemented step by step to achieve results in future. However, most programs like schools, counselling, and children programs can easily be integrated in the community and can leap both short-term and long-term benefits.

However, the programs will be faced with a lot of challenges. This include political barriers. In US racial discrimination is real and has power association which are hard to break. In addition, allocation to the vulnerable groupsin terms of finances would be faced with a lot of challenges as they are not considered potential for development. Thus allocating funds to them would be hard. Also making people report of harassment especially if they are committed by cross relatives may be a difficult tasks. Also due to corruption, the judicial system may not serve justice more so if the perpetrators have more power. The challenges can possibly be overcome mainly by government initiative as well as strong human right department who will ensure that all set polices are implemented. On-site campaigns would also be important for people to have confidence on the systems and to feel they belong, as well as feel they would be assisted in time of need (Wolfe, 2007). Policies to alleviatingpoverty among the groups would be helpful in helping the groups become empowered and thus raise their voices and capability.

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