How can I become eligible for Express Entry?

Posted by Nationwide Immigration Services on July 21st, 2022

What is Express Entry?

One of the most well-known immigration routes to Canada is through the Express Entry Program, a Federal immigration programme that seeks to bring in qualified immigrants based on their qualifications and potential for economic contribution.

Express Entry uses a point system that considers the following factors:
• Age
• Education Level
• English and/or French language proficiency
• Work experience working abroad
• Canadian work experience

How to calculate points for Express Entry?

Candidates of the Express Entry will be aware of the score they should obtain in order to qualify for the ITA, if they do not make the mark, they can always make efforts to improve their CRS score or consider other CRS options. They can look at improving their language test results, or on gaining additional work experience, look at options to study in Canada or try for a provincial nomination.
The opportunity for a better CRS score and selection through the Express Entry system exists for applicants with a higher level of education, language competence in either English or French, or both, or with Canadian experience (either employment or study). Candidates are eligible for 600 extra points if they are able to get a provincial nomination for Canada immigration.

Additional points are available for those who have siblings who live in Canada or who have a job offer there.
1. Age (Maximum 100 points)
The maximum score in this selection criterion is earned by individuals between the ages of 20 and 29, however it's not impossible to come to Canada beyond 30! There are numerous other elements that must be taken into consideration; this is only one of them.

2. Education Level (Maximum 140 points)
Your score increases as your intellectual level rises. A person with a high school diploma receives 28 points, while a person with a doctorate degree is awarded 140 points on their express entry profile for this selection criteria.

3. Language Proficiency (Maximum 150 points)
The Canadian Language Benchmark Degree, or CLB, is used to gauge your level of language ability. Your scores on the English and/or French language proficiency test will determine how many points you receive on your Express Entry profile.

The tests that the Canadian government accepts are:
• IELTS General and CELPIP can be used to demonstrate your English language skills (English)
• To demonstrate your French language proficiency, use TEF and TCF Canada (French)

4. Work experience outside of Canada (Maximum 50 points)
For Express Entry points, your prior employment outside of Canada (or in your home country) is also taken into account. Take note of the following prerequisites, though:
• You must have at least one year of documented experience working a minimum of 30 hours per week (or 1,560 hours with a less workload) within the last ten years)
• This internship could not have been unpaid.

5. Canadian work history (Maximum 70 points)
You are qualified to receive even more points for your Express Entry profile if you have job experience in Canada. In order to qualify for points for your Canadian work experience you must:
• Have worked for at least one year in Canada (or minimum 30 hours per week)
• The work experience for unpaid work is not counted
• The experience obtained while you were studying in Canada cannot be counted

Invitations to Apply (ITAs) will be sent by IRCC to the group of applicants who received the highest marks in the above scoring factors. You shall have 60 days to file your PR application after receiving an ITA. The majority of complete applications with all required documentation are processed in six months or less.

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