DevOps, AI and Data Science: A Key to Amazing Business Outcomes .

Posted by techmobius on July 22nd, 2022

DevOps has been an industry standard over the last decades as it's a crucial part of the software industry. The term DevOps means ‘development’ and ‘operation’ as both are important departments for a company’s development. The implementation of DevOps can be a bit challenging as it evolves over the period with its advanced technologies and tools. But this process can be made easy with the fusion of technologies such as AL and data science which will help in transforming DevOps tools forever and for good.

Merits of Having DevOp

DevOp helps in improving the standards of work throughout the development process of the software or app. Like use of Azure DevOps pipelines, it's a set of automated processes and DevOp tools that allows the experts of developers and operations to collaborate on building and deploying code to a production environment. For example, Azure Pipeline is a cloud service that is used to build and test projects automatically till ship to any target. Also, aws DevOps helps in build, store and deploy applications as well as configuration management tools.

Need of Incorporating AI and Data Science with DevOps.

As being the latest technologies, AI and ML make waves in every branch of the IT industry, so it helps implement them in the development and operation department as well DevOps and AI. AI for DevOps is used by many companies as its importance for the streamlined delivery of high quality solutions. As evidence to the research by Gartner that by the year 2023, 40 percent off DevOps team will use AI-augmented automation in large enterprises, which result in higher IT productivity with greater agility and scalability. This will be a promise of a better DevOps implementation, as according to Grand view research, the DevOps market will be worth $ 72.85 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 18.60%.

Data Science and AI in DevOps for Better Business Outcomes.

The use of technologies like AI and ML when introduced in DevOps will help in simplification of complex data sets along with helping in detecting inconsistencies in the data. This can solve problems like slowing down the process and improving performance continuously. So, with the help of both data science and AI your company growth can be boosted as it completely revolutionizes DevOps better performance. With real time data science, AI optimizes the

application environment to stay afloat in data deluge, which helps in time consuming and expenses in finding data to specific instances.


In conclusion, DevOps is going to continuously improve in the upcoming years. So, it's time to take a step ahead by integrating DevOps with AI and Data Science as it brings out a new dimension to DevOps. As a result these technologies help your company with the benefits of amazing business outcomes.

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