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Posted by Danyking on May 26th, 2016

There is a glaring problem with The Elder Scrolls Online and it’s rarely brought up as a concern. This issue isn’t present in just ESO, it is an ongoing concern throughout the entire MMORPG genre. In this week’s column I’m going to hold off discussing The Dark Brotherhood a bit and talk about something that I think we need to try and rectify or provide ideas to Zenimax and other companies. Let’s discuss Test Servers and the incredibly low population of people that utilize them.

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A few years back, Bioware released an update for Star Wars The Old Republic. This update was incredibly buggy, it broke the game in many ways and rightfully so the community threw a small fit about it. A member from BioWare (whose name escapes me at the moment) went to the forums where the rants were taking place and said (paraphrasing), “The patch is buggy due to the community not testing it on the test server”. Needless to say the community did not like that reply and I don’t think that person has posted on the forums ever since.
Was he wrong? Does the community have some responsibility in making sure the updates are fluid and well tested?
Test servers are always so under populated when new content is out for testing. I don’t know if it’s due to players not wanting to spoil something, not wanting to go through content just to repeat it when it’s released or they just don’t want to download an entirely new client just to test something that will in no way advance their character.
We enjoy playing these games, we’re passionate about them. If we weren’t we wouldn’t go on tirades about how we dislike something. We feel like we’re invested in the games we play, after all we do spend hours of our time playing them. My World of Warcraft characters have over a year’s worth of /played. So when an update is released and it’s buggy or broken who’s to blame? The developers who made it or the players who are invested into it but ignored it?

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