A complete guide to pigmentation treatment

Posted by Aaeesha on May 26th, 2016

Acne, pimples or pigmentation on skin are such conditions that could be very frustrating. It is just not teenagers looking for centers offering pigmentation and pimple treatment in Bangalore. It could be adults too! The skin condition at times is so grave that people affected by it have to live with it almost their entire lives, waiting in awe that at some point the pigmentation could clear off.

Looking at the current scenario, today there is multiple pigmentation treatment available. But before you get to deciding on getting a professional touch to your skin, you need to know that not all dark spots are equal and neither can they be treated the same. From post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation [PIH] to minor skin tan, you need to what causes it all and what treatment is advisable.

Hyperpigmentation – This skin condition is the second most popular after acne. People mostly seek pigmentation treatment owing to this particular condition. Hyperpigmentation is basically an increase in the skin pigment – melanin. People with more melanin produce more pigment, the reason enough to explain why dark skinned people have more dark spots.

PIH – PIH is a type of dark spot that results due to eczema, trauma or a rash. They are typically localized, small and darker in color.

Melasma – Melasma is a skin condition that is typical with women. Since it is more commonly found in women and there is no particular cause associated with it, it is considered more of a hormonal disorder. It mostly occurs during pregnancy or child birth. Melasma are gray-brown patches on cheeks, forehead area.

Age Spots – Age spots are often caused due to prolonged exposure to sun. They are localized brown spots around cheeks, forehead, chest, or hands.

The treatment –

Often products sold over the counter can be misleading with taglines as ‘lighten’, ‘fade’, ‘brighten’. These products don’t specify what and how can these be used and can cure what type of pigmentation. The treatment of pigmentation most importantly depends on the root cause of the skin condition.

èFor PIH and Melasma simple derm creams for topical applications work. Depending on the severity of the condition, sometimes a combination of 2 or more creams is also advised. Under medical attention, more aggressive treatments are also used in combination like combining topical creams with chemical peels.

èFor age spots – Age spot treatments involve the medication to penetrate to the base of the epidermis. The age spot treatments include –

o   Prescription medications

o   Laser and intense pulsed light therapy

o   Freezing – cryotherapy

o   Dermabrasion

o   Chemical peel

Before undergoing any treatment, it is ideal that you are well informed about the process and the possible side effects. Besides pigmentation there are various options for pimple treatment in Bangalore too. Discuss your options carefully with the dermatologist before going ahead with the treatment.

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