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Employment Lawyers on Long Island

The employment lawyers at Yale Pollack Law Firm represent workers in New York City and Long Island. Our attorneys are competent, proactive, and eager to fight for your rights in cases ranging from sexual harassment to discrimination and retaliation to unpaid wages and overtime.

Our lawyers have been appearing before federal and state court judges from the beginning of their careers, unlike other lawyers who have never seen the inside of a courtroom. Our employment lawyers on Long Island offer free consultations and are ready to put their years of experience to work for you.

Our employment attorneys are thought leaders in the field. For several years, the founding partners have been recognized in Super Lawyers magazine, their work has been praised by courts, and the firm has received good ratings on attorney reviews and other websites. Its firm attracts newsworthy cases, and our attorneys have been quoted in a variety of New York City-area news outlets.

From the initial client meeting through the conclusion of the case, our employment lawyers work hard for our clients, achieving judgments and other beneficial outcomes. A free case evaluation is the first step. Call today to talk with a Long Island employment lawyer about one of our many practice areas.

Unpaid Overtime and Unpaid Wages

It’s only right: employees put in long hours in exchange for timely payment of their salaries. Long Island workers are subject to minimum wage and overtime pay legislation enacted by New York State and the federal government. The minimum wage varies depending on the sort of job performed, the location of the company, and the year. Unfortunately, many low-wage workers aren’t getting paid what they’re worth. Wage theft is when an employer defrauds an employee of their legally earned earnings. Our employment attorneys work closely with individuals who have been wrongfully paid. You legitimately earned it; now let Yale Pollack Law Firm’s wage and hour attorneys assist you in recovering it.

On Long Island, there are unpaid wages and unpaid overtime.

Yale Pollack Law Firm’s Long Island employment lawyers can assist you in recovering wages, tips, salary, and overtime income that has been stolen by your employer. Wage theft is illegal in New York, and businesses that fail to pay their employees on time may face severe penalties, including statutory or liquidated damages.

On Long Island, there are several examples of employers defrauding employees of their wages. Employers may categorize employees as independent contractors to avoid having to pay overtime. Employers may also incorrectly categorize people as salaried employees to avoid having to pay overtime compensation. Employers sometimes pay employees with cash, and these employees are paid less than the minimum wage. These employers assume that if there is an investigation, they will not be caught.

The minimum wage and overtime restrictions apply to a large number of employees. However, certain personnel are classified as exempt and may be paid on a salary basis. Overtime pay and minimum wage exemptions can be tricky. Employees on Long Island who believe their employer is underpaying them should seek legal advice from an experienced employment attorney.

Yale Pollack represents employers and employees in Long Island and New York. Schedule an appointment by calling 516-634-6340 or emailing ypollack@yalepollacklaw.com

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