What Is The Most Expensive Style Of Sports Shoes Of Famous Brands In The World?

Posted by Alan Peter on July 23rd, 2022

The boots of former NBA star Michael Jordan were sold at an online auction at Sotheby's auction house for 560000 US dollars (about 3.98 million yuan), breaking the record of the most expensive sneakers in history.

This pair of sneakers is the Air Jordan 1 sneakers worn by Jordan in 1985. At that time, he was a fledgling star in the basketball world. This pair of shoes is also Jordan's first signed boots.

The estimated auction price of this pair of shoes before the auction is between 100000 and 150000 dollars. "Before the auction ended, the price suddenly rose a lot. In the last hour, the price even more than doubled." Sotheby's online auction management said. Before this pair of shoes, the highest auction price of sneakers was 7500.

Top 10 sports shoe brands in the world! Three in China and the United States, two in Germany and one in Japan

Everyone is brushed by our winter Olympics every day. As the world's most important sports event, the Olympics connects countries all over the world. On this stage, in addition to the athletes from various countries who can shine and win glory for the country behind them, the sports brands that invisible attract attention on the Olympic stage are those athletes wearing.

Today, Xiaobian will take stock of the world's top ten dribble shoe brands to see how many Chinese brands can enter the list.

No.1 Nike

Country: United States

Popular product: Air Jordan 1

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

Nike is a world-famous sports brand in the United States in 1972. Its products cover the fields of clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on. Its Agam shoes and airmax series are classic models that are popular in the market. Its first air cushion technology has also brought a revolution to the sports industry.

Nike, as the first sports brand to lead the global sports trend, has participated in almost every Olympic Games in different ways, showing unusual charm, which can be said to have formed an indissoluble bond with the Olympic Games early. The editor specially selected the wonderful performance of Nike in several important Olympic Games to enjoy the sparks that will be generated after Nike collides with the world's largest sports event.

At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Liu Xiang was chosen to publicize the advertisement of "breaking the law, you can be faster than you". At the Athens Olympic Games, he specially made the lightest Superfly running shoes in the world: red, white and gold. Liu Xiang chose white shoes in the final.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Nike released the theme advertisement "just do it, welcome back to the starting line". In the design and delivery of advertising, Nike is closely combined with the event, showing humanization. With the deepening of the spokesperson competition, Nike made a deep impression on the public with "just do it, welcome back to the starting line".

Nike's advertising theme for the 2012 London Olympics is "great". "For a long time, we only believe that greatness belongs to a few people and only to those superstars, but in fact, we can all be great..." Nike strives to find a fit with the London Olympic spirit and Olympic slogan in advertising creativity and implementation, deepening the closeness of the connection with the London Olympic Games and deepening the emotional resonance of the audience and consumers.

No.2 Adidas

Country: Germany

Popular products: Adidas Original Superstar

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

Adidas' founder, Mr. ADI Dassler, is a German with athlete identity and shoemaker technology. Because he can fully understand the needs of athletes, people have exquisite craftsmanship and invention genius; So in his life, he invented more than 700 patented products related to sports, and then created the kingdom of Adidas sporting goods.

Adidas has three series: Sports Performance Series (three stripes), sports traditional series origins (clover) and sports fashion series NEO (ball logo). Among them, clover is the classic series. Adidas is also the official ball sponsor of FIFA, as well as the sponsor of NBA, football team and football team.

At present, Adidas ranks second behind "Nike" in the market share of sporting goods. The slogan on adidas' trademark is: impossibleisnothing.

No.3 Puma

Country: Germany

Popular products: white black series

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

Puma, founded in Germany in 1948, is a world-famous sports leather brand. Its products cover the fields of running, football, golf and racing, and integrate the design, development, sales and promotion of sportswear and footwear. By 2020, Puma has been sold in more than 120 countries, with sales of up to 1billion euros.

Puma, which means puma, has accompanied the king Billy to the World Cup finals and the tennis player Baker to win the championship on the grass in Wimbledon for decades. Puma cooperates with the top athletes and constantly pursues the latest technology to make the best sports equipment. At the same time, puma's shoes and clothes have also become the representative works of American hip-hop graffiti culture, which are extremely popular with young people.

No.4 converse

Country: United States

Popular products: high top canvas shoes

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

Speaking of sneakers, I have to mention converse. It must have a name! Converse has a kind of magic. It looks good when you wear T-shirts, shirts and jeans when you are a student. As you grow older, there are more mature pieces of suits and dresses in the wardrobe, and it still looks good when you wear it.

Converse is so classic that it can be found in many Chinese and foreign films, such as "guess the train", "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince", "angels love beauty", "fallen angels", "fruit candy", "playing truant in willon" and so on, and there are many scenes.

In fact, converse company was established very early, and it was established in 1908. The time line here is when the last emperor Puyi just succeeded to the throne. Their product line is very wide. As long as it is rubber products, their family makes them, in addition to sneakers and tires.

Then why did you go on the route of franchising sneakers later?

At that time, there was an accident in the factory, and the shoes fell into the patent of vulcanized rubber in the stove, which laid the technical foundation for Converse All Star, which later sold 700million pairs.

Converse ranks first in the world in terms of sales volume and color. In the Chinese market, there are five series of All Star Chuck Taylor (All Star classic canvas shoes), Jack Purcell (open smile), Prostar (star arrow), one star (Kimura Series), star 70 (parallel bars clip star), with more than 50 colors, which make young people unwilling to be bored play with colors in a high profile and go out in high spirits.

NO.5 Asics

Country: Japan

Popular product: asics running shoes

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

Arthur has the aura of "the king of running shoes". The brand adheres to high-tech and high-quality standards and has developed a number of patents, which will combine the prevention of injury and fun of sports, and establish the status of the world's four major running shoe brands. From sock shoes to Dad shoes, the design of this brand is not only expensive, but also affects the trend of today's sneaker. Niki, Adidas, puma, etc. are all followers of this trend.

If you look back on the development process in recent years, you will find that ASICs has received a wider range of attention, which is actually what happened in the past two years. However, in this relatively short period of time, the brand has achieved a great degree of benefit growth and exposure, and even has a significant explosive force in the secondary market that focuses on speculation.

No.6 New Balance

Country: United States

Popular products: NB574

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

This is a world-famous sports brand founded in the United States in 1906. It is famous all over the world for its comfortable running shoes. It has the reputation of "presidential running shoes" and "king of running shoes". It is also an enterprise integrating the design, production and sales of sporting goods. It is a classic series of neutral retro running shoes.

In the third year after the sharp decline in sales, new Bailun finally made a head start. In 2014, sales began to show a sharp growth trend, and more than 1000 stores were added. After the downturn, new Bailun experienced an unprecedented successful counter attack.


Country: Italy

Popular product: kappa canvas shoes

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

Back to back kappa was not called kappa at first, and its predecessor was a small company called m.c.t. The full name of this company was established in Turin, northwest Italy, in 1916. It mainly produces socks and underwear. The original trademark was "Aquila". Until the late 1970s, with the success of investing in casual wear culture, kappa began to refocus on the sporting goods market and began to sponsor professional athletes and teams.

From the original Juventus, it was gradually extended to the top European teams such as AC Milan, Sampdoria, Rome and Ajax, and provided the U.S. track and field team with tight sprint costumes at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, which caused great repercussions.

The correct brand positioning of kappa brand in line with the market law makes the business content of kappa in the world enjoy high-speed growth. The unforgettable slogan "hewholovesmefollowsme" has continuously improved kappa's brand image.

Since the kappa brand entered the Chinese market in 2002, kappa and its "back-to-back" brand logo have been well known in the domestic market, once comparable to Adidas, Nike and other sports brands. However, in recent years, kappa has gone down all the way and gradually faded out of the public eye. In addition, Chen Yihong bought out all the rights and interests of kappa in mainland China and Macao, China in 2006, and kappa became a local brand dressed in an international coat.

No.8 Anta

Country: China

Popular product: Anta basketball shoes

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

Anta's exit was a little sudden. When you think about it, it's inevitable.

The reason why it's sudden is that with the rapid popularization of mass fitness, it seems that one night, Anta brand has become a synonym for "professional strength" in the mass sports scene. The muscle brother in the gym, the iron giant and the table tennis player in the park will add oneortwo Anta equipment, with 89% of them having a professional background.

Anta is a sporting goods group founded in 1991, which is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of sports shoes and clothing, accessories and other sports equipment. The group has Anta, Filo, Kelong, desante and other brands.

It is also inevitable that he will be out of the circle, because Anta has made solid investment in both brand and technology in the past decade, and "professional" and "technology" have been integrated into the brand image.

At present, Anta has more than 12000 stores, 5 R & D and design centers around the world, more than 200 international design and R & D experts, more than 1400 product patents, and eight consecutive cooperation with the Chinese Olympic Committee, all of which are the embodiment of Anta's scientific and technological strength.

Specifically, in terms of products, Anta has built Olympic equipment of super international standard for 28 Chinese national teams. In front of the Olympics and countless professional sports venues, only strength does not lie. Anta's scientific and technological strength is the basis to support it to provide professional sports equipment for the national brand to compete in the Olympics.

No.9 Li Ning

Country: China

Popular product: blocked basketball shoes

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

The ignition ceremony of the Olympic Games five years ago made the world know "Li Ning", a sports brand from China.

Li Ning is a well-known domestic sports brand founded by Li Ning, the prince of Chinese gymnastics, in 1990. It integrates brand marketing, R & D and design, manufacturing, distribution and sales. Its brand products cover clothing, equipment, accessories and sports and leisure shoes. At present, it has more than 6000 offline stores in China and is sold to many countries and regions around the world.

In December 2013, Li Ning ended his 23 year sponsorship of the Chinese national gymnastics team. During the interview, Li Ning himself said helplessly, "gymnastics has trained me, and gymnastics is a part of my life. However, as the president of the company, this is the choice I have to make."

In that year, Li Ning, who was in crisis and turbulence, recorded a loss of 392million yuan, with senior executives changing blood and business lines in chaos. What made Li Ning even more troublesome was that after half a year, Anta entered the Gymnastics Center as a new sponsor.

No.10 Hongxing Erke

Country: China

Popular product: cushioning sneakers

Which pair of sneakers is the most expensive in the world

Last year, Hongxing Erke, a domestic brand that gradually faded out of the public's view for many years, caused heated discussion among netizens because it donated 50million yuan of materials after the rainstorm in Henan. In addition to praising Hongxing Erke, a sad comment in the comment area "I feel like you are going bankrupt and donated so much" won the highest praise. "Hongxing Erke has been losing money for years but giving generously" has therefore rushed to the top of the microblogging hot search, and there has been a rush to buy Hongxing Erke across the country. Even Lei Jun, the famous celebrity in the digital circle, also posted photos of himself wearing hongxingerke sneakers on social platforms, expressing his support for hongxingerke, adding a fire to the popularity of hongxingerke once again.

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