Why Experts Rate Ecomass Polymer Better Choice Over Lead Counter-Part?

Posted by Michael Luis on July 25th, 2022

Ecomass material is a special type of polymer. It is made up of HD plastic material. The best thing about this material is that it can be used for many different purposes. The material is easily available as compared to lead.

Manufacturers have started using this material to replace parts made up of lead or other metal. If you need quality spare parts, then it is better to purchase the best Lead substitute material that is made up of HD polymer.


One reason why Ecomass is a better choice is that it is more cost-effective. The polymer can be manufactured and thus does not have to be mined or extracted from its ore. This means that the material can easily be manufactured using industrial processes.

It is also much lighter in weight and is more cost-effective. The process of manufacturing machine parts out of Ecomass polymer does not incur a big manufacturing cost. The material is also tough and will undergo less wear and tear as compared to lead metal.

Less maintenance

•    Any machine part needs proper maintenance
•    A simple washer made up of metal has to be tested and greased very often
•    This is not the issue when you are using Ecomass material

You can manufacture machine parts that may not need frequent maintenance or replacement.

Even if you have to replace damaged parts, Ecomass polymer parts are not expensive you can carry out maintenance very often as and when needed. As the parts are easy to maintain so you face less downtime with machines.

Chemical resistant

No matter what metal you use, it will always react with some acid or base. Ecomass material is a plastic polymer. In general, heavy-density plastic will not react with any acid or base.

So the material can also be used in machines that use acids or harsh bases. You can use the material to make containers to store acids as well. This is also one of the reasons why the material is considered the best Lead replacement.

Less post finishing

If you use metal to make any machine parts or containers, you may have to polish the top surface. This is important so the metal does not rust with time. Any metal will easily oxidize unless it has a protective coating.

This is one of the advantages when using Ecomass material. It is plastic and thus may not need any post-finish polishing. You can use the material right after it has been manufactured. The top surface of the material is water resistant and will not rust.

Better insulation

There is no doubt that lead is a good insulator. But it will not insulate electricity. Any metal is a good conductor of heat and electricity. So you cannot use it for insulation.

This is why Ecomass replaces lead. It will insulate against heat and electricity best. The same material can be used for manufacturing electrical wires and socket boards as well. It is also highly durable as it will not get damaged under extreme temperatures. Polymer is composite and so will also disintegrate easily. You can recycle the material easily as well.

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