The Key to Successful Event Coordination: Communication!

Posted by aaarents on May 26th, 2016

Effective communication when coordinating any event is the only guarantee for success. Whether big or small, major events have many independent moving parts, working towards the same goal. Without communication, things fall out of sync and frustrations flare up.

As the event coordinator, you need to have the right information and relay it exactly to the right people. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

Communication Center

It is important to identify the mode of communication among the different people working towards the event. These include other coordinator, vendors, and the clients. The event coordinator should have the first line of communication with the customer.

As the person in charge, you are liable in the failure of an event; perhaps not on paper or in a legal sense, but certainly in the perception of the client. Therefore, any information should pass through them for approval.

Since you’re the center of communication, you need to open up other channels to give information between vendors. Using the main idea from the client, the other participants can micro-manage their own smaller details.

Adequate, Relevant Information

Without effective communication, client-level issues quickly become a nightmare in two ways. There are those who provide very little information and are unreachable, and then there are those who check in needlessly, causing delays.

The best thing to do is to identify a channel of communication when you are not meeting. Emails and text messages are usually the best when it comes to nagging clients. You don’t need to respond immediately, and you can control the pace better.

During meetings, manage your customers’ expectations. Make the scope of the services offered very clear. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of what they need and want for their event. (It is advisable not to make assumptions on what they would like, for obvious reasons.)

Vendor Relations

Any event coordinator needs to establish a relationship with specific vendors. It means having their contact details to ease the process of communication.

Vendors are like silent partners in an event. They are not involved in the decision making, but they actively participate. Give them a complete breakdown of what they are required to provide. Reach out to them with changes that may affect their ability to supply. Be sure to ask them what their turnaround time is on all deliverable items; this will give both of you an agreed-upon timetable, and makes their responsibility clear.

Guest Communication

The client is probably best suited to deal with guest information, but maybe not entirely. Ask them to give you the guest list, for proper planning. Provide the guests with details on the event and ask them to RSVP. Knowing the exact number of people attending the event makes it easier to plan for services such as catering and parking. (But beware - RSVPs are not always accurate, so be sure to account for guests arriving who did NOT state in advance they would be there.)

Keep an open communication channel with them through email. If there is specific information on compliance, keep sending them reminders.

Ensure you delegate roles towards the event. Trying to do everything may become a disaster. Any human is prone to forgetting information. Delegating gives everyone a manageable task they can comfortably complete.

The core of keeping moving parts moving is communication. It’s the gears that turn the whole machine, and when one part is misaligned, other parts suffer. Stay open and stay clear.

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