When food industry and consumer interests meet ? New food analyzers technologies

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on May 26th, 2016

The food industry is arguably one of the most difficult industries of all for new technologies – This industry produces more new products per year than just about any other. It also has to deal with the existing range of foods, analysis issues, and increasing demands for higher efficiency and accuracy on a more or less routine basis.

Forget the new cooking shows and new cookbooks for a minute – The bottom line with any kind of food is the quality of the food which is actually delivered to the market. This applies across the entire spectrum of food industry products. With modern manufactured foods, food quality has to be measured very accurately. For organic foods, spoilage has to be monitored equally accurately.

The market is unambiguous about quality – Good food makes headlines, gets praise from critics, and is generally appreciated by everybody. Low quality food causes every kind of negative reaction, from class actions and serious recriminations to expensive fixes for problems caused by quality issues. Food analysis is a bottom-line issue; the better the food analysis technology, the better for all concerned.

A good example of the new food analysis technology coming on the market is a company called Quantek Instruments. This is a major food analysis technology business, with clients and 92 countries. They’re generally considered to be one of the benchmark companies for high quality standard analyzers like food package O2 analyzers, CO2 analyzers, oxygen testers, and a suite of other similar and related products. They are also suppliers for lab testing equipment, et cetera.

One of the reasons for using this company as a reference point for food quality analysis is that they offer a direct insight into the new technologies and new capabilities of food analyzers. The range of products is a virtual map of core issues in food technology, and also a good guide to the major issues in food quality for consumers.

For more information, visit their website here at http://www.quantekinstruments.com/. Check out product specifications, and you’ll see an ongoing tale of major improvements in food technology.

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