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Posted by universalposition on May 26th, 2016

Food quality control, by definition, can be considered one of the most essential, and one of the most thankless, tasks facing the food industry. Quality expectations and quality delivery to consumers are bottom line business issues – There’s no way around them. After all, that’s what the food industry is all about. New food analysis technology coming on the market is making a big difference, but it’s also highlighting many of the issues related to modern food analysis.

Most people know that food spoilage is the big deal in food analysis. What they don’t know is that measuring food spoilage and putting in place fixes and prevention measures for long product life is a science in its own right. Food spoilage can cause significant toxicity, and as well as terrible taste and some rather grim legal situations. There are so many possible toxicity and health issues that it would take a NASA-sized database to cover them all.

The core issue for food manufacturers is doing good science. Accurate analyses, efficient methods, you name it; these are all working dynamics of putting good, safe food on your plate.

For example – Oxygen analysis is very important. The presence of oxygen in packages relates directly to the speed at which the food deteriorates in the packages. Carbon dioxide, too, also contribute significantly to food spoilage and may also indicate organic contamination. The latest handheld oxygen analyzers, food package oxygen analyzers and carbon dioxide analyzers are the frontline weapons against food spoilage.

The new technology, in fact, is a virtual map of modern food quality issues and shows how they’re managed. A good place to check out these new technologies is a company called Quantek Instruments, one of the market leaders.

This company has a truly comprehensive range of high quality food and beverage analyzers, including lab-standard equipment for research. If you explore their website here at, you will see a whole range of technology and applications which you may not have known even existed. If you don’t know much about food quality and quality controls, these is the technology that will be making your food safe 10 years from now. It’s well worth a look.

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