What are Clear Braces and How Do They Work

Posted by Matt Kakuk on July 25th, 2022

Among various challenges a child faces while growing up, getting braces is the most common. No one wants misaligned teeth on purpose, yet it is a natural phenomenon that you can’t stop. According to a study, around 4.5 million people wear braces each year and about 80% of them are children and teenagers. 

For years, only the traditional wire braces could straighten the teeth. However, with the adoption of new technologies and advancements in dentistry, now there are subtler options available in the market such as Clear Braces. 

Clear braces have grown in popularity in recent years. In this procedure, clear braces straighten your teeth without making it evident that you are wearing braces. Continue reading the article to know more about these advanced dental services in FL.

The difference between Clear Braces and Invisalign

Invisalign and clear braces are almost alike. Clear braces are not visible to the naked eye and still give the strength of traditional metal braces, while Invisalign is slightly visible but cannot address the issues like gaps and extrusion. 

Clear braces are a perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want anyone to know about teeth straightening. Also, Invisalign covers the teeth tightly and is more noticeable than the brackets and wires of traditional braces.

Comfort Level

Metal braces are straightaway uncomfortable. Metal is hard, sharp, and a cold material and thus makes it uncomfortable to wear as braces. For instance, you can feel the metal pushing against your teeth till the end. It increases the amount of pressure and causes extreme discomfort and pain. On the other hand, clear braces fit smoothly into your mouth. Clear braces are made of ceramic and easily match the curvature of your teeth with their round edges. Also, clear braces feel like you are wearing nothing, leaving your gums and teeth to be at ease.

Effective Results

As compared to Invisalign, clear braces are more effective because they stay in your mouth for a definite amount of time. Unlike clear braces, Invisalign is worn for a specific amount of time each day and then taken out after a few hours. Hence, Invisalign has certain drawbacks like forgetting to put Invisalign back in or losing the mouthpiece. 

On the contrary, clear braces come off only after the prescribed care cycle is complete and thus show better results than any other forms of teeth straightening method. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing your braces like the Invisalign. 

Easy Removal

Metal braces are difficult to remove as compared to clear braces. Because metal braces stick to your teeth using the wires, brackets, and adhesives, they can cause discomfort during the removal process. Metal braces can also damage your teeth if they cling to your gums more tightly.

When you wear clear braces, you rest easy knowing the effortless removal process. Clear braces make use of advanced dental technology which not only reduces the odds of damage but also keeps you extremely relaxed. The removal process is done only when the enamel on your teeth is sensitive. Long story short, clear braces are a superior option to metal braces.

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