5 Advantages of Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management

Posted by Matt Kakuk on July 25th, 2022

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has been under extreme pressure. The increased load on medical services has necessitated the conceptualization of new solutions in nearly every discipline. Patient care is the top priority, but the focus is also on revenue cycle management. 

As the number of patients rises due to the pandemic and other novel diseases, patient enrollment and billing tasks are also increasing. Therefore, healthcare establishments are looking to outsource their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to ease the load on their shoulders. Check out the following advantages of outsourcing revenue cycle management:

Reduced Cost of Day-To-Day Operations

Executing critical revenue management tasks in-house can be backbreaking for a healthcare company. Not only do you need employees to perform several unique tasks, but you also require sufficient space for them in your office. The cost of in-house revenue cycle management far exceeds the expense of outsourcing. Tasks such as managing coding staff, procuring medical billing software, and freeing up additional space on the premises are costly as well as tiresome. Therefore, you are better off delegating such tasks to an outsourcing team than performing them in-house.

Precious Time Is Saved, and Billing Errors Are Reduced

Time is money. So, if you are wasting extra time on RCM tasks, you are actually wasting money. For instance, if your employees are too busy booking appointments and handling billing procedures, a lot of their time is wasted on things that a competent outsourced team could have handled. Moreover, when you have a dedicated team attending to such tasks, the billing efficiency and accuracy improve. As a result, there are fewer errors in your daily billing.

Adherence to Regulations and Compliances

Federal state releases new regulations and compliances so that healthcare establishments perform their work diligently while keeping data privacy and security in mind. Often, these regulations and compliances are changed to accommodate new developments in the industry. An in-house team might sometimes struggle to keep up with the frequently changing rules. Therefore, they are likely to disregard regulations unintentionally because they lack a single-minded focus on rules. In stark contrast, a dedicated RCM outsourcing team has a systematic process. Top outsourcing companies understand the criticality of compliances and regulations and never take things for granted. Therefore, you can expect greater compliance and regulation adherence when outsourcing to a proven company.  

Extensive Paperwork Is Handled With Professionalism

Healthcare reimbursement requires the filing of multiple documents and performing a lot of paperwork daily. These tasks are cumbersome and can lead to monotony. As most in-house teams are not completely dedicated to RCM (as they perform other roles as well), they often leave the paperwork on the back burner. As a result, routine reimbursements are delayed, and patients suffer. However, when you have a skilled outsourcing team handling paperwork, you can expect greater professionalism and timely patient reimbursements.

Your Staff Works With a Fresh Mind and Positive Attitude

RCM-related paperwork and tasks can become monotonous for your in-house staff. Over the long term, such tasks can suck all the motivation out of your employees, and they might start feeling dull and dispirited. But when you outsource your RCM responsibilities, your staff gets to focus on their core responsibilities. As a result, they remain happier and attend to patients much better.


Revenue Cycle Management tasks are important but can get monotonous in the long term. Performing these tasks in-house can reduce the efficiency and efficacy of your staff. Moreover, you are likely to spend heavily if you ever decide to run a dedicated in-house RCM department. Outsourcing RCM has tremendous advantages for your business, especially in the long run. However, you can only avail of these benefits if you outsource to a dynamic, professional, and well-trained Revenue Cycle Management company. For customized services contact experts at J3RCM today.

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