What are the Strategies for Social Media Optimization?

Posted by Nisha Gupta on July 26th, 2022

Social media marketing requires social media optimization or SMO. It involves strategies that are used to expand the digital footprint of a brand. Maximizing the impact of SEO, strengthening the relationship with the customers, and reducing the total cost of marketing are the broad goals of SMO. For this, content that is engaging needs to be created. An SMO agency in Noida can plan a strategy for social media marketing. In this article, the best techniques for SMO will be discussed.

Choosing a Social Media Platform Wisely

For SMO, it is necessary to select the social media platform judiciously. When creating a social media strategy, one must see where the audience is, and where the competitors are posting. One should be able to make optimum use of a platform. If one wants to convey messages through images, it is best to use Instagram. Quora is good for long-form written content like blog posts.

Optimal Posting Frequency

The right frequency of posting to social media profiles is necessary. Too much posting will create boredom and too less will make people forget you. For determining the right frequency, it is necessary to do testing. Try a frequency for a week and see if it works or not. One can rework the frequency if there are no likes, comments or shares.

Determine the Best Time to Post

While the frequency of posting should be ideal, it should also be regular and at the most opportune moment. Keen observation will be required to see the time and day on which the post receives likes and shares the most. A social media calendar is prepared by an SMO agency in Noida for this purpose.  

Reusing Content Strategically

You cannot possibly create sensational content on a regular basis. That means you will have to reuse your content strategically. A content piece for which you invested a lot of time can be repurposed as infographic, webinar or an e-book.

Integrate other Marketing Channels

Conversion rate can be boosted by incorporating a button linking your social media channels to your emails also. There should an indication for the followers that they can engage at other places on the web.

Create Engaging Content

Creation of viral content is a strategy that is followed by an SMO agency in Noida. The content should meet the needs and desires of the audience. Since pushing the users for sharing the content is not worth it, the focus should be on using visual elements such as images, GIFs, and videos. Another way to increase the chances of going viral is the simple use of CTA or Call-To-Action, a short text stimulating action by the public. A direct share button can be added to your page with a subtle request for sharing.

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