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Posted by vikas shukla on July 26th, 2022

March is National Bed Month, and the Sleep Council recommends doing an MOT on your bed, if your mattress or bed is over 7 or 8 years or so, or if you’ve experienced a life or health change.If you say yes to any of these questions, you may want to think about a new bed or mattress.

  • Do you toss and turn at night and disturb your partner?
  • Do you feel tired or have aches and pains on waking?
  • Does your mattress sag in the middle, or do the legs or castors wobble?


Big or strong color...

We’re a lot braver with dark color than we used to be, and your bedroom can be a great place to create a cocooning effect. Dark navy, aubergine or teal can be fabulous on your walls, perhaps teamed with statement wallpaper, wall mirror or curtains.

If you prefer to keep the walls light then dark designer furnitures can add drama and contrast. Consider hanging a plain linen-effect wallpaper, rather than paint, to add a luxurious touch and make your bedroom feeling like a five star hotel.

Layer your lighting...

In terms of lighting, bedside lamps are essential to create a restful feel. An overhead pendant or down-lights create too strong a light, which will give you a harsh awakening when you get up, or impact your pre-sleep wind down.

Small pendants can also be great as bedside lights, when dropped to the perfect height for reading. If space is limited on your bedside table, and you’re planning on redecorating wall lights are a great option. This is also a great opportunity for a statement, so think tall, colorful or textured to balance out your headboard. A touch table lamp online is great if you don’t want to fiddle about finding the switch when the alarm goes off.

Headboard as a focal point...

If your divan or king size beds is not yet due an upgrade, then a new upholstered headboardcan be a great way to enhance your room.At Cookes we have many styles and fabrics to choose from, so bring in your paint chip or curtain fabric and choose a complementary color. If you have tall ceilings, look at an oversized, tall headboard or mount higher on the wall to create a strong focal point. Or take a look at the winged headboards for a mid-century or Art Deco feel.

Warm up your color palette...

We’ve all been very used to grey the past 8 or so years, but you’ll notice warmer colors such as terracotta and peach are all over the interiors magazines and social media. Whilst these shades may give you flashbacks to the 80s, they’re actually very versatile and if you incorporate small amounts of black or geometric prints, you avoid them looking to soft and pastel.

Speak to the experts...

We hope these interiors trends for your bedroom have inspired you to look at your bedroom anew and given you some inspiration and guidance to get you started.If you’d like more help and especially if you’re looking for a new bed or mattress, do come into Cookes and speak to our Sleep Specialists.

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