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Posted by Maven Profcon Services LLP on July 26th, 2022

The European Union (EU) requires that all medical devices sold in Europe must meet specific requirements before being marketed. These include demonstrating that the product has been tested by an independent body called the Conformité Européenne (CE).

What Is CE Marking?
CE marking is a symbol used to indicate compliance with EU standards for medical devices. It is also known as “Conformité Européene” (CE), “European Conformity” or “European Conformal Certification.”

Why Do You Need CE Marking?
Medical device software and apps must meet certain requirements before they can be sold in Europe. These requirements are outlined in European Union Directive 93/42/EEC, commonly referred to as the Medical Device Directive. This directive requires manufacturers to ensure that medical device software and apps comply with safety, performance, quality, and other requirements.

How To Apply For CE Marking
In order to obtain CE marking, a manufacturer must submit an application to the competent authority (CA) in the member state where the product will be marketed. The CA then determines whether the product meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive. If the CA approves the application, the manufacturer receives a CE mark.

What Does CE Marking Mean?
A CE mark indicates that a product has been tested by an independent body to ensure that it complies with European safety standards. It also shows that the product has been certified as safe and effective by the relevant national authorities.

What Are The Benefits Of CE Marking?
CE marking helps consumers make informed choices when buying products. It provides reassurance that the product meets high quality standards and will perform safely. It also ensures that the manufacturer is responsible for any damage caused by its products.

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