Major Causes of Asthma Which You Must Know

Posted by Gandhi Medicos on July 26th, 2022

Asthma is a chronic respiratory problem in a person’s bronchial tubes known as the lungs' Airways. Asthma swells up the bronchial tubes and narrows them, which triggers respiratory distress. There can be different causes and triggers of asthma, and you need to know all the factors to keep track of it and eliminate asthma attacks in your case. Triggers and causes of asthma are 2 different things because causes are the underlying reasons and factors which lead to asthma. In contrast, triggers are certain condition that aggravates an asthma attack. You need to know both triggers and causes of asthma and the medications required to manage your asthma effectively. AB phylline 600 mg helps in treating asthma effectively.


What are the major causes of asthma?

  • Hereditary 

If someone in your family has asthma, you have a chance to be born with this respiratory problem. If your family members are prone to hay fever or allergies, your risk of getting asthma increases.

  • Childhood allergies lead to asthma.

 Children can develop asthma if they are more susceptible to allergies. Therefore, childhood allergies are one of the major causes of asthma problems.

  • Premature birth

 A child born prematurely before 37 weeks is likely to suffer from asthma, especially if a ventilator has been used to help the newborn breathe properly. Premature birth means a child has underdeveloped lungs and a weak immunity system. Therefore, being born prematurely is a major cause of causing asthma.

  • Bronchiolitis

A disorder that is caused due to a virus similar to asthma, it also causes inflammation of the lungs and Airways, thereby causing breathing issues. Frequent bronchiolitis episodes can also lead to asthma problems.

 If a child develops this respiratory problem, it will last lifelong. Some adults who are not born with asthma problems can contract this respiratory issue, known as adult-onset asthma. It can be caused due to certain risk factors such as cigarette smoke, chemical exposure to mold, and pollen. Many women can contract this respiratory issue during menopause as a result of some hormonal change. Certain medications like acetylcysteine 600 prevent the asthma risk factor in adults. 

 Trigger Factors of asthma

  1. Allergies

Asthma attacks are caused due to allergies. Substances known as allergens induce an allergic reaction in one’s body when the immune system fights back against the object which causes it. Most of the allergens are present in the air that you breathe in. Some of asthma triggering allergens are mold particles, dust mites, fur shed by a pet, excreta of cockroaches and rodents, pollen etcetera.

  1. Pollutants

Certain irritants cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks by agitating the Airway. Some irritants include nitrogen dioxide, smoke, particulate matter, and ozone. Overpowering odors coming from perfumes, petrol, and paint, cigarette smoke, fumes, and gases that emanate from wild cooking or grilling.

  1. Respiratory Problems

 A certain respiratory infection can also trigger asthma attacks like common cough, common cold, flu, or pneumonia.

  1. Working out

While exercising, you tend to breathe rapidly, and this can be a cause of asthma triggers. In addition, physical activities constrict bronchial tubes, known as an exercise-induced asthma attack.


Certain asthma treatments help ease symptoms, such as AB Phylline N Tablet. Your healthcare professional will work with you to decide your asthma treatment plan and outline medications and treatment. AB phylline n uses are used in long-term asthma treatment and to prevent asthma attacks. Acebrophylline also eases swelling of your inside airways and relaxes the muscle bands. 

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