5 Things to Consider While Choosing Your Customer Portal

Posted by CRMJetty on July 26th, 2022

You need to choose your customer portal to help your customers and make them feel heard, and solve their queries 24*7. It will help you solve the customer queries, keep track of it, and enhance customer engagement. So, you must be careful when choosing your customer portal. It should have some advanced features and some basic ones that can help your customers and guide them with their problems. Keep reading further to know 5 things that you need to consider while choosing your customer portal.

  • One-Click Sign-In:

The customer portal's only goal is to better serve the customers, which includes quick access, updates, and smooth interaction with the brand. Just having a login option will not serve your customers' needs these days. You need to provide an easy and fast way to do it. Because customers these days have no time to waste. Especially the new customers that need to fill out every detail starting from their birthdate to everything, that too manually, which is one big time waster for them.

So, to make the process smooth and quick, you can add a feature that allows your customers to log in through their social media accounts or through their google accounts. It is one of the most effective ways to manage your customers and maintain their user accounts.

  • Ticket Submission:

Raising tickets is the only way the customers can interact with the company's support team. That too is only required when the customers cannot solve their own queries themselves. It is required when there is insufficient data in the knowledge base or on your online community forums that are unable to help such customers.

Not all customers need to raise the ticket, but this feature helps them feel heard and acknowledged in the least amount of time. With this feature, the customers can not only submit their tickets or read their ticket history but also see the status and track their ticket to know the amount of progress made on that respective ticket. This helps enhance customer engagement, and it helps you gain positive reviews from your customers.

  • Easy Navigation:

You need to make sure that your customer portal is clutter-free. A messy customer portal is of no use. The only motive of the customer portal should be to help out the customers and navigate them to the solutions to their problems and queries. So, while designing a UI, you must be careful to provide your customers with easy navigation like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

  • Knowledge Base:

Self-service is what helps you to give timely replies to your customers. It gives them a sense of success as they can solve a few simple queries by themselves, and it also benefits you to have a more minor but quality support team. They need not do menial and simple tasks on a daily basis but concentrate on solving more complex queries for their customers.

To provide your customers with excellent service and human interaction, you need to give them clear instructions on how to use the portal, with easy-to-use user manuals, FAQs, and many more self-explanatory videos and articles. So, your customers not only feel like buying your products and services but also provide them with the solutions they need regarding your products or services. It helps you to be in the good books of your customers, making them give you positive feedback.

  • Responsive Layout:

Responsive layout provides customers access through their cell phones and laptops. You cannot predict the time when your customers will need your support for their problems and queries. So, you need to be prepared, though most of your customers would prefer access from their cell phones. And you cannot limit them to take appropriate actions through the computer; you might lose their trust there and then. So, you must ensure that your layout is responsive on all devices and consistent throughout.


A customer portal is needed if you want to improve your customer engagement activities. Portals like Dynamics 365 customer portal helps you with all of these features. And maintaining your customers is a big task. You need to guide them about everything, including your products and services. A good customer portal will hold on to your existing customer base, giving you more time to focus on your potential customers. So, you need to keep these things in mind while choosing a good customer portal.

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