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Posted by Rajeev Sharma on July 26th, 2022

Over the years I have poured a fairly large amount of money into centralized and decentralized crypto projects and crypto lending companies. But in the last few months, I and I think you all have realized how risky an investment this can be. With this post, I want to share my current view of the condition of cryptocurrency and I will also answer a query I received yesterday.

Current Crypto market environment

Cryptocurrencies reached their best position last year, gained their highest value, and got the exposure they wanted. As a result of which billions of people joined this market. But the hype soon disappears and those hoping for a celestial return are at a loss.

The algorithmic stablecoin UST was the first popular one to fall, and then many companies like Three Arrows Capital (3AC), Voyager, Genesis, Celsius, BitMEX, BlockFi, FTX, Deribit, and, struggle to survive due to their investments in UST. 

For example, has suffered a loss of 0 million, although its CEO Peter Smith has claimed that has been able to compensate. However,  other companies such as Voyager and Celsius have already filed for bankruptcy. And it's not clear what impact those omissions will have.

The current situation of the crypto market is not as good as it should be but there are some projects that are doing well even in the period of fall. It is because of their usability, reliability, and the unique idea behind them.

Can this market fall be stopped?

Given the unfolding situation, you may ask if there is anything that can stop this collapse of one domino after another. Apparently, some big players are trying to do the same. Some are modifying their strategy and plan, some are adding more usability to their coins, and others are making huge changes in their base.

This tells us that players in the crypto space are actively trying to stop the collapse, even if they are initially dealt damage. We'll have to see if it works. 

But what about crypto owners?

First of all, traders, especially beginners will have to stop buying and selling cryptos blindly. If they have some crypto assets then they should keep them in the hardware wallet. It will keep your assets safe.

Honestly, everything else is going to involve some kind of risk. I personally want to take some risks. But I will try to be very careful where I put my money.

What about Crypto Investment?

Recently, I invested in XCA tokens, and when I shared the update on my social account people started to be curious about my decision and about the XCA token as well. Many people also asked Is Xcavator safe to invest in? I tried to answer them all but due to limitations I can’t answer them properly, so here is the proper answer.

Yes, Xcavator is safe to invest in even in the current situation. Its native token represents the hashing power that adds a very solid use case to the project and the token. Additionally, The project is full of opportunities that will soon add more value to the token and more users to the project.

Xcavator is making crypto mining hassle-free with its reach to hardware suppliers and cheaper electricity and you can be confident while investing in it. So it is safe and you can invest in it without thinking much. If you also want to invest in it, check the Official website or its listing on coinsbit.

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