How to Deal with Family Rift.

Posted by mehul on July 26th, 2022

How to Deal with Family Rift

Relationships are complicated. Just look at the Ambani Brothers. While Mukesh is climbing the list of the richest people in the world, Anil is struggling and has even filed for bankruptcy. Both brothers don’t see eye to eye which caused their group of companies to split and be divided between them.

Their case showcases that even billionaire families face family rifts like us commoners. In cases of utmost trouble, cutting family ties seems the only possible and helpful solution. While taking a breather can be helpful, but it may not be the right solution.

While the situation might seem difficult, you can reconnect and initiate a positive change. By maintaining a little distance for personal space and taking one step at a time, you can make a difference to the relationship.

Rebuild broken Relationship

Before going onto rebuilding the relationship, it is important to go back to the root cause of the problem and understand what exactly happened and why. Like you have your own reasons, thoughts, feelings and perspectives about what and why it happened, so does the other person. So, try to understand the situation from the other person’s perspective and be empathetic.

Be Ready to Forgive

Often, a lot of time no one is wrong in a dispute. People might simply view things differently and that’s ok too. You need to ask yourself “do you want to be right or mend your relationship?” you have to decide if you want to stick to your gun or accept the fact that you will never agree upon some things. If you choose to accept the difference and forgive one another, you’ll be able to let go of the resentment and take those steps to heal the relationship.

Keep Reaching Out

It may be difficult but you might have to take the first step to initiate contact. Do not directly resort to face-to-face contact as it can be very triggering, rather at first try to connect through methods that are less intrusive like emails, letters, and calls.

Start Slow and Meet in Public

Just because you decided to meet does not mean that your relationship is okay now, it is an overwhelming process. Try to keep realistic expectations and go slow. Seeing your family in the household can be very triggering and some unexpected emotions like anger, resentment and sadness might erupt. Hence, prefer to meet in a public, like a coffee place, which is safe and offers a neutral environment.

Find a Mediator

Sometimes you need a third person to help you in the healing process. This mediator could be a Family and couple Counselors in Pune, an impartial friend or relative. The mediator can help you communicate your feelings and opinions in a neutral environment and help you work through your feelings.

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