How IBM Cognos Help Businesses Perform Effective Analytical Processing & Visualization

Posted by elena mia on July 26th, 2022

In the data-driven era, many enterprises implement Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that generate actionable insights. From the travel industry to banking organizations, businesses across verticals desire to deploy BI tools within their ecosystem. As Business Intelligence solutions influence data effectively, businesses can render more than just a “better experience” for end-users. Cognos is one such BI platform that helps entrepreneurs or business users to process large datasets easily, uncover valuable insights, and take adequate actions to enhance business growth.

Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is an easy-to-implement, effective BI tool that delivers organizational agility to businesses through a centralized dashboard. This dashboard connects everyone in the organization with data, insights, and analytics that are helpful to make faster, logical, and more strategic decisions. It enables business users to perform comprehensive reporting with high levels of personalization and integration using existing data sources.

Besides, importing business data into Cognos can be done easily using a built-in migration tool that will direct users step-by-step throughout the process. Cognos Analytics tool supports the integration of multiple external data sources including data warehouses, databases, and even social media sources to obtain the most precise and up-to-date information or insights. By implementing the Cognos Business Intelligence tool with the help of an IBM Cognos consulting company, entrepreneurs or organizational leaders can identify previously overlooked trends and acquire valuable insight into business functions that are manually more complex to understand.

Features Offered By Cognos Analytics Platform

1.Greater Customizability

Cognos Analytics platform provides a sophisticated service-oriented infrastructure that brings the flexibility and extensibility that organizations need to install and scale applications when their business develops. Cognos makes it easy to customize applications by providing users access to all its functionalities through a series of APIs.

Cognos Analytics platform’s built-in “Analytics Designer” allows business users or designers to create custom analytic solutions based on end-user requirements. With reduced scripting efforts, developers can construct complex applications with ease. Enterprises can restructure and customize applications on both web and mobile using SDK toolkits and offer a consistent experience to their users. Also, Analytics Designer allows professionals to reuse components and features so that users no need to develop apps from the scratch.

2.Comprehensive Analytics

Cognos Analytics provides organized intelligence that empowers both organizational leaders and IT experts to entirely harness the power of their business data. Cognos consulting service providers help organizations fulfill the analytics requirements by creating an enterprise-grade, fully-functional data analytics pipeline.

  • Dashboards— Cognos Analytics provides the functionalities required to develop production-ready dashboards that enable quick and informed decision-making. The dashboards can be equally utilized by any kind of user across an enterprise.
  • Data Discovery—Cognos Analytics facilitates an enterprise-level data discovery process that’s fast, easy, and manageable. Data discovery using Cognos makes it easy for the workforce to quickly connect to any real-time data source and help examine data through intuitive workflows and interfaces.
  • Predictive Analytics - While Cognos Analytics offers an array of native analytical capabilities, the platform allows enterprises to incorporate third-party statistical and data mining software within their in-house applications. This integration allows the workforce to mine data from substantial datasets and can easily make evaluations and acquire predictions about possible outcomes.
  • Mobile— With Cognos Analytics mobile app, users can instantly develop visualizations, reports, and deploy dashboards. Users can modify data on the go, including new information, and view updated dashboards and reports all from their mobile device.

3.Better Extensibility

With RESTful APIs, organizations can use the Cognos Analytics tool as a data source to quickly excerpt subsets of pre-processed data in the JSON format. The REST API allows companies to create custom apps that offer data into a Cognos dashboard with access to board components like rows, tables, and datasets.

Cognos Analytics platform also supports professionals to develop custom connectors to link data sources that are unsupported by the platform. Therefore, the workforce can gain access to any data source without waiting till it is formally recognized on the platform and deliver even more insightful visualizations. This way, businesses can instantly utilize, process, and analyze information unlocking new possibilities and outcomes.

4.Higher Performance and Scalability

Cognos Analytics platform can ensure higher performance despite accumulating data volume and provide rapid response times, even on handling massive datasets. This is possible due to the software’s support for the push-down analytical feature, which processes the large data volume instances efficiently by quickening the computation power. This feature helps cut down overall response times and improves the experience for users. Moreover, Cognos Analytics can produce parallel, multiple threads to the database, further improving the speed at which information is extracted from the warehouse.

5.Multi-Tenant Architecture

Using the Cognos Analytics platform’s multi-tenancy functionality, business users can benefit from custom, analytical applications that are established on a single architecture. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence platform allows organizations to perform tenant-specific app deployment, shared application deployment (single app shared for multiple tenants), or merge both approaches. In shared application deployment, it’s easy to alter a single set of dashboards thus content is personalized for each customer in terms of naming resolutions, branding, and data security. Shared application deployment can bring about more effective administration, reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and minimal resource consumption for businesses.

Wrapping Up

In a fast-paced environment, organizations require insights derived from data that are analytical and advanced in order to uncover unseen opportunities and improve chances for success. Cognos Analytics is the ideal platform to help enterprises become data-driven establishments and discover and react to essential insights in real-time. Cognos platform’s dashboard features provide multiple customization options that allow companies to make sound decisions and enhance overall productivity.

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