Organic Alcohol- What It Is; How It Is Different; And Does It Prevent Hangovers?

Posted by Andrew Winslow on July 26th, 2022

Organic Alcohol is a type of alcohol that is produced from the ingredients that are grown on organic farms. The products are then processed in a dedicated distillery. This alcohol is produced using methods that don’t produce residues that can potentially pollute the air-water. 

It is ensured that Organic Alcoholis free from pesticides and fertilizers. The absence of chemicals signifies the potential reduction of cancer and other health risks. 

Some research reveals that the chemicals which are used to speed up alcohol production can leave salt and heavy metals that might make it through the final product. But Extractohol tries to make sure that the final product is free from these harmful products.

Here they emphasize more on the safety of a product that’s why they try to eliminate all the chemicals at all stages, i.e., from the field to then fermentation and bottling. Due to the absence of these chemicals in Organic alcohols, drinkers will tend to feel diminished hangovers.

Evidence also claims that gulping down of free cocktails any added chemicals is good for the health. It could leave a less/lighter sting on the morning after. The organic alcohol which is produced at Extractohol is more sustainable and absence fogging substances that can harm the soil. 

Sustainable sipping of organic alcohol 

Organic Alcohol is now making its way into the bars and liquors stores across the country. It is now a more environment-friendly and healthy choice, it’s quite a little bit more price than the inorganic one. 

The alcohol made at our service stations follows the same rules set up by the USDA for all organic foods. The alcohol is mainly produced from organically grown grains, grapes, and other products, which are free from all the synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, etc. 

With the growing demand for organic alcohol, we have also started supplying Certified Organic Cane Alcohol. These cane alcohols are based on sugarcane rather than corn. Many environmentalists hail its use over corn-based alcohol because it’s friendlier for the environment.

As a bulk supplier of organic alcohol, Extractohol offers various bulk packaging options for this certified organic alcohol. 

Use of organic cane alcohol in the organic cosmetics

This Organic Cane Alcohol is 5 times more distilled than organic cane sugarcane. The alcohol rendered by us is gluten-free. It is also Non-GMO and USDA organic certified. The organic sugar alcohol contains 96-99% alcohol, making it a high purity product. Because of its high purity and high percentage, it’s used in making organic cosmetics. 

Extractohol also has organic alcohol certification across the borders. Because of the US-EU Equivalency agreement, this Certified Organic Cane Alcohol is in the list of the more used entity and is accepted all across the USA as such across the Atlantic. This implies that our product-certified Organic Cane Alcohol with 96-99% ethanol with no impurity will be accepted in the EU as well as the organic alcohol. 

Why work with us?

Extractohol is a certified European organic and certified by the control unit to handle all the organic products. Our dedicated managers will ensure to meet all your distinctive needs and demands, working flexibly and independently. We supply the highest quality products, and we do so consistently.

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