The Best Screenshot Trackers for Companies to Use

Posted by Talygen on July 26th, 2022

Many companies have continued to work remotely, even as pandemic restrictions have started to ease. However, it is challenging for managers to ensure employees are productive when they are not working in the office. Managers can use employee task management software that includes screenshot trackers to fix this issue. Screenshot tracking is often built into time tracking systems and periodically sends workers' computer screenshots to the manager. Before implementing an employee task management software with a screenshot tracking system, managers should explain that it is there to ensure that work is done each day rather than invading workers' privacy. To further ensure that workers are more comfortable with screenshot tracking, managers should make sure that it is done on company-mandated computers rather than workers' personal devices. Examples of screenshot trackers businesses can use include Talygen, Time Doctor, TimeCamp, DeskTrack, and Clockify.

Overview of Screenshot Trackers

  1.      Talygen

Talygen's screenshot tracking software is a valuable employee task management tool for companies of all sizes. A key feature of Talygen's screenshot tracker is that it collects screenshots into a work log each day. From here, managers can evaluate the work done by individual workers each day via a reporting module. Keystrokes and mouse clicks are also measured through the screenshot tracker. To build trust with workers, managers can send notifications on the frequency at which screenshots are captured. The frequency at which screenshots are taken can also be adjusted. For workers that use multiple monitors, Talygen can be configured so that all of the monitors have their screenshots captured. Users also have the ability to delete any screenshots that they deem irrelevant, such as from checking email, from the system. The time tracker can easily be turned off anytime the user is not currently working. Talygen's ease of use makes it a great choice for companies to use as a screenshot tracking system.

  1.      Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a screenshot tracker that offers managers insights into workers' activity and productivity levels. The software will take screenshots of users' computers every couple of minutes. Managers can adjust the frequency at which screenshots are taken. In addition, keystrokes and mouse clicks are also measured. Users can delete screenshots to maintain their privacy, but if a screenshot is removed, the time associated with it will also be removed from the timesheet. However, a downside of using Time Doctor is that it is more challenging to view reports compared to other time trackers like Talygen.

  1.      TimeCamp

Managers can use TimeCamp to track team members' activity levels across different projects. One of the main benefits of using TimeCamp is that it provides managers with easy-to-read reports detailing workers' activity across the organization. Managers can also create their own reports. However, some companies may hesitate to use TimeCamp as an employee task tracking tool because the mobile app is less functional than the desktop website.

  1.      DeskTrack

DeskTrack can be used to monitor workers' productivity efficiently. In DeskTrack, screenshots will be taken every five to ten minutes. A significant feature of DeskTrack is that managers are given detailed reports of the applications and files opened in a day, along with screenshots. With the reports, managers can identify which tasks take workers the most time to complete. However, a disadvantage of using DeskTrack is that it takes time to sync the data properly.

  1.      Clockify

Managers and workers can use Clockify's screenshot tracking to measure the productivity of their days. A key feature of Clockify is that all screenshots are collected on the activity page. Team members can see and delete their own screenshots, while managers and admins have the authority to see and delete the screenshots of anyone within the company. Screenshots are taken every five minutes. However, a downside of using Clockify is that the reports on worker activity are less detailed than those from other time trackers like Talygen.


In conclusion, time trackers are valuable employee task tracking tools for companies to utilize. When used correctly, time trackers can help increase productivity across the organization. Managers should discuss the benefits of implementing time trackers with workers beforehand. For more information on Talygen's time tracking software, visit

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