5 Factors To Consider While Buying Triumph Tiger 800 Passenger Backrest

Posted by alex riley on July 27th, 2022

The Triumph Tiger 800 has a very sporty look. If you love to take it on a ride with someone, it is essential to get a backrest. You can get a Triumph Tiger 800 passenger backrest from the market in many different styles and designs. However, there are some factors that you should consider before buying the backrest for your bike. Here are some of them:

1- Size

It is essential to know the seat's exact size before buying a backrest for your bike. You should also see the height of the backrest. It will help you know if it fits nicely on your bike or not. When looking for the backrest for your Triumph Tiger 800, you must make sure that you can fit it yourself and remove it when required. The backrest size will depend on whether you plan to use it for short journeys or longer trips. You should also check if there is enough space between seats and where it will be mounted on your bike.

2- Material

The material used for manufacturing a backrest is another factor that you need to consider. Different types of materials are used in manufacturing these products, such as leather, vinyl, plastic, etc. Each material has its benefits, and you must ensure that it is made from long-lasting materials. If you want a comfortable backrest, purchase one with cushioning and padding inside. It will provide additional comfort to the passenger while riding with you.

3- Durability

Durability level is another factor you should consider while buying Triumph Tiger 800 passenger backrest. Don't purchase a backrest made with material that starts wearing out within months. Some materials like local leather also start losing their shape. Some backrests can be easily removed, so you should remove them when they are not in use.

4- Price

Some backrests can be expensive. But with online research and price comparison, you can find an affordable option for your bike. Don't compromise the quality of the backrest with the price. You should ensure that you are paying for some quality backrest that you can use for a long time.

5- Seller Reputation

Don't just buy the first backrest you find for your Triumph Tiger 800. Try to find a reputable seller that doesn't compromise on quality. Buy the backrest from a seller that has been established in the market. These sellers offer some of the finest backrests made for high-end bikes. You can get Suzuki bandit backrests along with other adventure bikes.


The best backrests can help you enjoy the ride and save you from back pain. But, what's more, important is how to choose the best one. You can get durable backrests and other accessories from Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories.

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