Furniture Trends of 2022

Posted by vikas shukla on July 27th, 2022

Here are our Top 5 trends for 2022 to give you some inspiration!

1. Minimalist Living

Home life is busy, spaces are multifunctional and hard working so when we stop and rest we need a calm, relaxing and decluttered space. Enter the growing trend for minimalist living. Everything has a purpose, nothing is there to bring clutter or detract from the serenity. Beautifully crafted designer furnitures stands proud in a space with only the essential items required to enhance its function, no unnecessary clutter clouding our space and metaphorical minds.

2. Greenery

Our homes have become our sanctuaries in recent months and the desire to have connection with nature and benefit from its calming qualities is a trend that does not seem to be going anywhere. If anything it has been encouraged by increased Biophilic design, building our relationship with nature through plant-focused decor or prints, nature-themed walls or aesthetics bringing as much natural daylight into room as possible and the use of plants both in our indoor and outdoor living spaces.

3. Create a calming, natural ambience

Furniture for 2022 is mirroring the anti-fast fashion movement and becoming more sustainable with the emphasis on longevity and timelessness. Natural materials such as wood, metal and glass are becoming more prevalent moving away from plastic and man-made components. Look for solid glass lighting, natural wood finishes or metal trims to encapsulate this calming, natural ambience to your living spaces.

4. Curved furniture

The trend for curves really made an impression last year with arc shaped tiling, prints and curved sofas finding their way into interior design in a big way. Reviving a timeless mid-century trend that dates back to the '60s and ‘70s expect to see more rounded shapes in the form of wall mirrors, barrel back chairs, curved edging to fitted furniture, kitchen islands and the modular sofa.

5. Multifunctional spaces and furniture

Open Plan living is no more a trend, more a standard of home design. However with a high number of us now working from home, the pressure on these spaces to serve many different functions well has intensified. Kitchen Island or nested tables now double up as desks, sofas now the seating for team Zoom calls. Clear zoning of the space, using colours to separate areas and create moods such as cocooning dark intense colour in living area for cosines contrasting to a calmer, more Zen colour with natural light where the desk space is while help with the mental separation of work and play.

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