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Posted by Ayanjit Biswas on July 27th, 2022

Search engine optimization requires both time as well as money. If by any chance, you are short on time then you can hire SEO Company in London to perform SEO on your website. But if you are short on money then there is another option which you can try and that is do-it-yourself. Sounds daunting, right? Well, it is possible! You can also boost the organic ranking of your website; we have some DIY tips for you. These tips might not match your level to a professional but they would be helpful up to some extent.

Many people out there think that SEO is very hard and not worth a shot. That’s not true! The basics of SEO Company in Londonare not that difficult. So today, we are going to look at some easy things you can actually conduct to start your SEO Services in London on the right foot—even if you are unable to hire a professional to help you out.

  1.     On-Site SEO Basics

Link building without proper on-site search optimization is not going very effective. You need to put at least a bare minimum of on-site elements on your website’s main pages, especially the homepage.

Here is a golden rule of on-site optimization which you need to remember before we get started-- Never ever shove a lot of keywords onto your pages. Too many keywords stuffed onto one page can actually ruin your work as Google has unleashed an over-optimized penalty that targets websites like that. Use up to 5 keywords for each page of your website.

Title Tag—tells search engines what the page is all about therefore, it should be 70 characters or less and should definitely include your business or brand name along with the keywords that relate to that specific page only.

Meta Description—Use pages main keywords as it shows up in the search results.

Here is the list of additional On-Site Elements:

As we already know that the title tags and the Meta descriptions are the two very important aspects of SEO but then they are not the only ones. Make sure to incorporate the following into your website’s page content for further search optimization.

  • Internal Links
  • Header Tags
  • Image name & Alt Tags
  • Bolded Text
  1.     Why you need content?

You might have heard about content development and content marketing. Well, you must know then that Content can be really great for both your website visitors as well as search engines. Quality content may involve a variety of things, but not limited to the following:

  • Blog Posts
  • Industry Articles
  • Tutorials & How to guides
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcast

Creating quality content for your website can be a huge investment but then it is worth the money. Search engines and the visitors are going to love it that they might also share it on social media platforms as well.

These are the two most important yet basic tips for starting an SEO for your company. You can initially start with these basic steps after that you can proceed further. Or you can always take professional help from SEO Services London if required.

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