What Are White Shaker Cabinets and Are They Durable?

Posted by Matt Kakuk on July 27th, 2022

Remodeling your kitchen can be a great way to increase the value of your home. It can be a fun process in designing your dream kitchen. White shaker cabinets can be a good option when it comes to selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen as they are quite versatile. 


The Simplicity of White Shaker Cabinets 


Shaker cabinets and doors have minimal details that include square edges and a flat center panel. In woodworking, this design is referred to as "stile and rail". Shaker cabinets are symmetrical in nature and do not have any ornate carvings or decorations. Although shaker furniture has existed for centuries, shaker cabinets have been incorporated into modern designs. Natural oak is a popular wood choice for making shaker cabinets. 


Where Does the Shaker Name Come From 


The origin of the name for these style cabinets comes from the religious organization The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing. Members of this organization were also known as Shakers. A splinter of the Quakers, some people referred to them as Shaking Quakers due to their movements during worship. They are the ones that developed shaker furniture, including shaker cabinets.  

The Shakers were known for making wood kitchens that were painted in a desaturated color. By the late 19th century Shakers gained a reputation for building well-designed furniture which led to its popularity. The reputation of shaker-designed furniture continues today which is why many opt to buy white shaker cabinets. 


Versatility of Shaker Cabinets 


Shaker cabinets are known for their timeless design and versatility which makes them possible to incorporate in almost any home. The minimalist look of the cabinets makes them a popular choice for contemporary kitchens. Known for their longevity, these cabinets will last a long time. 

The style of the cabinets has not changed much from their original design. If you wish to have a traditional kitchen or a modern one, you can incorporate and buy white shaker cabinets in both designs. There is the option of changing up your shaker kitchen designs to match the aesthetic of your home. You can incorporate shaker cabinets in both small and large kitchens.


Stabilizing Shaker Doors 


Kitchen shaker doors have four panels and are made of a flat panel with two stiles and two rails. The stiles are placed in the vertical position within the cabinet frame. Rails are placed horizontally. Oak and soft maple are a couple of the solid woods used to make the shaker doors. Thicker panels tend to feel more robust. 

In order to prevent the wood from developing minor cracks and expanding and contracting, it needs to be stabilized. If the wood cracks, the joints will be visible and unsightly. The wood needs to be painted to prevent it from being degraded. 


Kitchen Cabinets in West Palm Beach 

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